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Panzer Skull Ring History Background

Article about: Hi Everybody, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mark, born German, living in Iceland. I am brand new here and to this whole subject: just purchased my first Skull Ring -it's in the ma

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    Quote by Franjo Vuk View Post
    Hi Germanski,

    That ring which you have posted is some kind of a biker ring or something like that. It even has those red zircons as eyeballs. That ring has nothing to do with Third Reich era IMO.

    Best regards,
    Not sure that I agree with you, Franko. It's hard to say much about the authenticity of Germanski's ring based on a single photo. At a glance, it looks OK to me. However, this is a known Third Reich pattern. I think it may be what some folks call a 'Monkey Face' skull. Also, red glass or jeweled eyes were not uncommon in TR rings. I have two or three examples myself.

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    Hi Stephan,

    I have to agree with you regarding that, it is quite hard to tell anything just from that one photo, but I dont like how that ring looks, based on that photo of course. I know that some Third Reich era rings have red jeweled eyes, but for me this one looks like some modern fake or biker ring. Pattern which existed during the war was just used for creation of that ring which is posted here, although I could be completely wrong about this.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks Franko,but seen old Rings advertised with "Red Eyes"?
    in USA Catalogs most are fall out so they missing? "IIWW Cantine Rings?" similar
    here a better PicsPanzer Skull Ring History BackgroundPanzer Skull Ring History BackgroundPanzer Skull Ring History BackgroundPanzer Skull Ring History Background
    what is the Origin of that kind' a Rings? Memento Mori in 1600/1800?
    Best Regards Germanski

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    What is the "Symbolic meaning" of the "Wotan/Odin's Eyes side of shank behind the Cross bones? (seen also on "Thor's Mjoelnir" Rings)Panzer Skull Ring History Background
    Thanks Germanski

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    Thanks Stephen!
    Yeah sure it's not a Biker Ring ha Ha! - it's silver also,many with red eyes (Cantine Rings?) just fall out
    but mine could be a Re- make..there are many around now hard to tell what is Original?
    see also my P.S. about old USA Catalogs?
    what I really like to found out: "What is the meaning of the Symbols behind the Crossbones?"Wo
    tans Eyes! ? also seen on "Nordic Mjoelnir" of Thor? Thanks & Best Regards GermanskiPanzer Skull Ring History Background

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