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pilots ring lw

Article about: hi i went on astroll to the antique halls in gothenburg today and cmae across this the guy sold it for about 10 euros so i abought it and assumed it was a fake so no loss if it turns out to

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    This terrible cast of fantasy. That sell for 500 euros, but it does not make it original. This is a fantasy! Thank you for your attention.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture pilots ring lw  

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    well i do agree that is a stunnig example but you have yet to show me some indications that mine is a fake (except being very short and precise with words such as "fantasy" and throwing a bunch of 1 pic images of the front of similar ones, because i still find it hard to believe they would cut away most of the swastika on a fake, i mean why do that? that would be like buying a repro visor cap and cutting the swastika of the eagles talons, and i have seen many of the one that i have being sold as original at respectable auctions, so please tell me what is it that makes it a fake regards

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    I'm not the first day of collecting rings! If you do not have enough of my opinion, then wait for other opinions. I said your opinion!

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    yes im sure you are realy skilled in your field but could you point out to me that is not as skilled how to spot the fake signs
    that is what i have been asking for this whole time

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    IMO its not a cut off swastika,thats how it was made in east Europe ie.Poland.

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    pilots ring lw so you guys cant see what i mean by cut of swastika? because im pretty sure that is the remains of a swastika not a poor try at one regards

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    Yes, we see - but you are still stuck on the illusion that
    it may be 'real' - even after a bogus one at EU 500
    has been shown. If you are happy with it, that's
    all that matters.........


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    no no im not implying that its real i just cant imagine why you would cut the swastika of a fake and that "sniper33" guy i have been trying to get tips all day on how to spot the fake signs but to no avail. he only insures me that he has much experience but i want to get tips and if you look at my other comments you will see that, so no im not "having an illusion that its real" i just wanted to know why the swastika was cut of on a fake and how to spot signs of a fake ring, and he didnt even bother answer me kindly he just boasted about how much experience he has, and while that is most likely true i dont see any reason what so ever to be rude, i thought rudeness was left to the 12 yearolds in cs sincerely kind regards from sweden

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    The swaz is mis-shapen because it was cast that way,
    as Harry says above, and it appears that way to me
    too. I mean, why not remove the whole emblem ?

    The fakers will do anything they can to make sales
    - even burying fake items to age them as ground
    dug. First and foremost here is the word


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    100% agree with my fellow collectors , it's a low quality cast fake ring .

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