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pilots ring lw

Article about: hi i went on astroll to the antique halls in gothenburg today and cmae across this the guy sold it for about 10 euros so i abought it and assumed it was a fake so no loss if it turns out to

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    No mystery as to why it has a mutilated swastika. Make it with Half of a swastika and naive collectors will think to themselves "Ah! Someone must have de-Nazified it after the War! It Must be genuine, in that case! Now I'll feel better spending good Money on it!". Hey...nowadays, they are faking Everything. Even rusted out dug battlefield relics. Anything for a buck these days....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Not having a pop at anyone in particular but why oh why are there so many threads where people want verification on an item then supply poor quality blurry photos and then expect accurate information. I can understand it if the item isn't in their possession but when in hand there is little excuse. If someone can afford to spend their hard earned cash on collectibles then surely they can afford a compact camera. They really are so cheap these days.
    Regarding the ring in question I agree with the others above for the reasons outlined.

    Rgd's, Mark.

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    I suspect the 500 EU example is on the Winkler site?

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    Quote by DS pzkpfwIII View Post
    no no im not implying that its real i just cant imagine why you would cut the swastika of a fake and that "sniper33" guy i have been trying to get tips all day on how to spot the fake signs but to no avail. he only insures me that he has much experience but i want to get tips and if you look at my other comments you will see that, so no im not "having an illusion that its real" i just wanted to know why the swastika was cut of on a fake and how to spot signs of a fake ring, and he didnt even bother answer me kindly he just boasted about how much experience he has, and while that is most likely true i dont see any reason what so ever to be rude, i thought rudeness was left to the 12 yearolds in cs sincerely kind regards from sweden
    swastika was cut to deceive customers! On ebay a lot of fake stuff with a swastika cut

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    I suspect the 500 EU example is on the Winkler site?
    I can not give advertising to sellers.

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    if you are reffering to my photos the only thing i spend my money on is 1. militaria and bills and 3. some cheap food to be able to keep this chain going so im pretty happy with my w8 phone and its ability to take photos im not a person with infinite amount of cash, but nonetheless im collecting i can put up pics of the stuff (and im 22 and live inte promised land of exploiting the young workforce wich is sweden so i cant even get a job haha) so im pretty happy with my plan thus far

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    so any tips for making it smaller i want to wear it it has a nice design even if its a fake so can i just cut at the back or? any tips and im sorry if i came across as stubborn i was 100% sure it was fake but i wanted to know some "trademarks" for the fake, i was in no way implying that i got a real lw ring for 10 euros haha those kind of miracles just dont happen i just wanted some hints to spot these fakes i belong to the newest breed of collectors and just want to learn from the vets like i know so many of you are i have had much use of this forum in the past (for example when i found a polizei helmet that turned out to be a super rare austrian decal version :/ and it was gone by the time i was gonna buy it ) but anyways i just want too clear up any misconceptions about this conversation. so wrapping things up in short "i knew it was fake asked just incase didnt get tips some thought i was insisting it was real i tried to get tips on how to spot these "cast fakes" i have yet to learn that or find a nice little "tutorial" for it either

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    Have a look here on the warrelics custom Google search for many topics about rings , it will keep you busy.

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    prewar Fantasy pattern.....all of this.

    The good looking expensive one of the website is cast in a mold and pure fantasy too
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture pilots ring lw  

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    Quote by sniper33 View Post
    I can not give advertising to sellers.
    Fine, have it your way. I looked it up myself and sure enough it is on the Winkler site. Hardly surprising that it's bogus...

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