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pilots ring lw

Article about: hi i went on astroll to the antique halls in gothenburg today and cmae across this the guy sold it for about 10 euros so i abought it and assumed it was a fake so no loss if it turns out to

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    Quote by DS pzkpfwIII View Post
    i tried to get tips on how to spot these "cast fakes"
    i have yet to learn that or find a nice little
    "tutorial" for it either
    The pic of the expensive ring shows it is cast - a major
    'tip' IMO - but you'll have to do the most of the work
    yourself my friend, and collecting anything Third
    Reich these days requires lots of it. Most of us
    who have been collecting for years are always
    learning something new in this hobby.

    As for having it resized, take it to a jeweller.
    They will do it for around $20-$30.........


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    Circuit advertisement pilots ring lw
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    Quote by odal View Post

    prewar Fantasy pattern.....all of this.

    The good looking expensive one of the website is cast in a mold and pure fantasy too
    sorry my english....of course created after war pattern. Sorry!!!

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    "Quote by DS pzkpfwIII
    I tried to get tips on how to spot these "cast fakes"
    I have yet to learn that or find a nice little
    "tutorial" for it either "

    If you would look at Odal's post #7-in the red box, he points out the flaw or die break in the eagle's wing. This should not, of course, be there. And take particular notice of the Roughness or Porosity of the metal. A stamped silver ring will Not show such coarseness-the metal should be smooth and clean. Look at the Edges. A cast ring will, quite often, show a seam or a line around it from the mold. Stamped rings do not. There are many "tips" to look for while learning to spot a fake and the first and foremost is to recognize Cast metal as opposed to a Stamped or Pressed metal. This will eliminate the Vast majority of fake rings encountered. But, as always, if you find something that interests you and are not 100% certain of it's authenticity, simply post Good Clear Close Up photos here Before you purchase it and we will examine it for you first. Good luck searching!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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