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Skull ring opinions please

Article about: Take a look Is this a real one, If so what should one pay for it? Thank You again O Lord of Rings!

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Odal, the reason I am thinking that this ring is cast, is from the strange "chip" on the shank seen by the edge of the split. I have never seen stamped silver split and flake fracture in this manner before. That and the almost ubiquitously seen "cut" in the shank that always seem to show a flat cast ring that has been rounded out but not soldered. I cannot imagine how a man could wear an unsoldered ring daily in the field and not be constantly being pinched by it. But, so many of the modern day cast rings that are seen exhibit this unsoldered sizing split. But, in either case, the condition of this ring would definitely exclude it from my collection.
    Ah yes, i understand.
    But this "chip" could also being from loosing the soldering material at this place - this ring (if original) for sure was closed band and soldered.
    Nevertheless, building a sure opinion only on pics is always hard, sometimes impossible ;-)

    But while seeing the backsite-shot i am more in the "like it gang".

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    Circuit advertisement Skull ring opinions please
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    Sure looks a lot like the backside shot of my Westwall example!

    Skull ring opinions please

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    So what should a guy pay for a ring in this condition?

    Assuming it to be the real deal?

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    Also I would like to also ask your opinion about soldering an original ring.

    Does it hurt the value or resale value?


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    Non-silver with worn plating, fragile, unwearable and broken in 2 places....Nothing more than 50 dollars max, would be my estimate.
    As far as Fixing it, soldering non-silver is always difficult. Probably not a whole lot, though, that you could do to damage it much more. It could, presumably, be soldered in the 2 breaks and even re-plated, if you would want, but you still would have about a 50 dollar ring at the end.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    So then soldering ANY original ring would not necessarily hurt its value?

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    I wouldn't be trying to repair a relic ring at ALL, it loses it's history IMO.

    For the ring in question, if you really love it then maybe $100 might be the max price but ONLY IF you know the history of it. e.g location of discovery. For instance, I paid a reasonable amount for my relic skull ring but ONLY because I knew it was found on former SS positions in North Karelia.

    Skull ring opinions please

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    Sounds like you bought it from MAXIM

    I just bought 2 rings from him out of the classified section and would like to get more when they get started again in the spring

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    There is more than 1 digger who covers the area but yes, I have done business with Maxim in the past.

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    Yes I would like to purchase more off Max or any of the others. Astounding photos of there works!!!

    THX Glenn!

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