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SS Honor Ring Authentic?

Article about: Hi, I just received a SS Honor Ring as a gift. I don't know much about the ring. I was told it was authentic. I am not interested in selling the piece. I am going to keep it and pass it down

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    Default SS Honor Ring Authentic?

    Hi, I just received a SS Honor Ring as a gift. I don't know much about the ring. I was told it was authentic. I am not interested in selling the piece. I am going to keep it and pass it down within the family. Can anyone tell me the authenticity of the ring. It has Neuer inscribed along with Himmler. All help is greatly appreciated.

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    johnavery82, First Welcome to the Forum..The quality of you example is crude and is THICK..
    Usual examples are a bit more bright and silver in composition and this one has a lack of detail one would expect in a S.S. Honor Ring.. My knowledge is limited, Odal is the guy to answer any and all questions... Good Luck...Gwar

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    Thanks for your reply. I have noticed that most of them I see online are silver. This one is gold. I can confirm that there is a space behind the skull, and it does appear the skull was attached to the ring. These two factors are associated with authentic rings. I have confirmed the ring was brought back from Germany following the war. I am still uncertain as to it's authenticity; however, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for your insight.

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    johnavery82, If that is the case... "Gold" ya can pretty much hang it up... Only the best silver materials were used in the making of such rings.. Despite the stories... Rely only on the facts.... Best of luck...Gwar

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    Thanks Gwar. Yeah, it definitely looks kind of gold; but it could be the silver is so "tarnished." I'm just such a novice when it comes to these things. Either way, it's a cool item. I'm interested to get a full verdict on the outcome. It just looks so precise. The inscription on the inside seems perfect. We will see. I appreciate your input. The story behind it came from a reputable source; however, I'm sure replicas were being produced during late World War II; therefore, anything is possible. Cheers to either outcome.

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    Sorry John, but the SS rings were Only made in Silver. Himmler did not like Gold and felt that Silver was the "pure metal" for the SS. Gold, for some inexplicable reason by him, was regarded as a "Jewish metal". And, no -no Honor Ring awardee would have been allowed by Himmler to have one made by a jeweler in Gold. Otto Gahr made the Honor Rings and he did not make any pieces in Gold. It simply would not have been allowed. To my knowledge, there has Never been a Gold Honor Ring and this has been discussed and wondered about for Many decades. The quality and detailing of Gahr's work is unmistakable. The ring shown here is Very oddly thick-far thicker than the Honor Rings were. If it were Silver, the tarnish would be Black over time, and this one is more to the light brown-almost suggesting an artificial aging as seen on many of the rings coming out of Eastern Europe of late. This ring is definitely not an Otto Gahr firm manufactured ring. The quality is simply just not there.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    On my opinion ring have chances - it can be original
    Plz show clear shots
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    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
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    The ring is a badly cast fake.

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    Thanks for all of your comments. I will try to get better shots. The ring looks a lot better in person than on the photos I sent. Thanks for your input

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