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SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.

Article about: eBay is NOT the place to go for this sort of thing. come on now. Latest developments: 1. CG got in touch with me after seeing my new photos and he now seems very interested. 2. There's a guy

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    Default Re: SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.

    i know... crazy huh

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    Circuit advertisement SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.
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    Default Re: SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.


    You can't reason with stupidity.

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    Sorry I have been off the site for a while but my nephew who is 26 and has MS now is in Hospice . I was contacted about certifing the ring in question and told the person my fee. He thought my fee of $250 plus shipping was outrages . He found a buyer in Europe who told him he would purchase the ring if it came with my certification. He sent me the ring and in my personal professional opinion I told him the ring was a copy. The engraving was not crisp and sharp as it sould be even if it had wear and the pitting and small holes all around of the outside of the ring were not natural or seen on an original Honor Ring. In person the ring is actually in my opinio worse then the photos posted. This being said I told him my finding and when asked who was paying for the certification I recieved some very desturbing e-mails from him stating that I am Gouging him by charging him $250 plus shipping for an Honor Ring that in my opinion was a copy. He said that he was outraged at the fee being he only paid $100 for it . Now I don't care if some one purchase a ring for $100 and it turns out to be original and makes Thousands of dollars off of it. I do not like being called names for doing a certification. He told me there was a California dealer who he could sell it to that told him when he sent photos to him it probably is original. He also told me that dealer would not have charged him if it turned out fake. I told him that in the USA if some one sends a coin out to PCGS for certification they charge a fee wether bad or good or if a baseball item or signature is sent to PSA for certification that they charge a fee wether bad or good. He e-mailed me back and told me I was beating a dead horse trying to explain my certification fee. He did send the fee and I returned the ring and told him I am sure there is one American Dealer and probably one Euopean dealer that would probably certify it original but in my personal opinion it is still going to be bad. Now I must say I do not know the person who posted the ring on this forum, never meet him and have nothing against him/ He is just up-set over my findings and my fee charged. He sent me another e-mail stating the family was surprised that the ring was a copy. I e-mailed him back that I was more surprised that in this day and age of computers that the family would not research it first instead of selling it to him for $100 knowing an original sells for thousands of dollars. I told him as he made a comment on another forum that he had questioned the person when he was told the ring was taken off an SS Officer in Africa. That was the last e-mail I sent him. I am sure he is a good person but like he told me I was beating a dead horse he is doing the same by trying to make what in my personal opinion is a copy ring . Like I said the pitting and holes all around the outside if the ring along with the uneven wear and shallow engraving is what I put on his certification when I sent back the ring. I see there was a lot of comments on this ring and just wanted to set the record straight. I will not paper an Honor Ring original for family, friends or anyone if I believe it is a copy as to me these are very rare and Historical items and I am alover of history and an Historian. I did save all my e-mails with him but will never post them theyare being kept by me so my words could not be taken out of context or mis-understood. I hope this answers a lot of your questions on the ring . This is the only post I will do on it as I think a lot has been said already. Like I said I am sure he is a very good person and I hold no hard feelings towards him as everyone has a right to there own personal opinion wether they or I agree with one another. Thank you for reading this thread sorry I did not get on sooner but the family needs me at thgis time. Best Wishes Don Boyle

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply here Don.

    I hope things with your family get easier soon.

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    Wow, is all I can say..
    Its amazing how even the "nicest" of people will act
    when they dont/cant get their way..

    Prayers out to Dons family..

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    Adrian and Chally : Thank you for your kind words. He got MS when he was 6 years old and the doctors said he would not live past 25 . He is now 26 and things are getting worse for him that he no longer wants to live because the quality of his life is not there. My sister who is also a nurse has given him the best life anyone could ask for and the doctors now have hospice nurses comming to the house to take care of him and give him morphine for the pain. It is making him more comfortable but we know what the end result is and is very hard to accept. Thank you for your kindness and wishes it is much appreciated. Best Wishes Don

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    Default Re: SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.

    Prayers and best wishes to your family Don and it's a shame you had to deal with this honour ring crapola at such a time.

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    Default Re: SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.

    Lordy, Don...that's terrible news. MS is a such horrible thing to go through-I can't even imagine. Don't worry about the nonsense going on here-you take care of your family. As for that ring, This explains much. To think that you had to deal with such abuse at such a time is an outrage.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS Honour Ring for discussion - named to 'Hahn'.

    Thanks Don. MS is terrible, my God Mother has it.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Everyone thank you so much for your prayers and kind thoughts it is nice to know there are people from around the world who care it is comforting and I will be sure to let my sister and my Nephew Robbie know. I told them I would visit today as it is my day off from work and we are cleaning up from the monster storm that went through our area the past 3 days . I am sure everone heard about the storm as it was called (The Perfect Storm). What a mess all around here. Adrian sorry to here your family is going through the same problem with MS it is a terrible disease and somday I hope there is a cure my prayers are with you and your God Mother. God Bless her. Regards Don

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