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SS Ring?

Article about: Im kinda new here and to the hobby, one thing I have learned so far is stay away from rings, and always look at SS items with a crooked/doubtfull eye, 90% is fake.

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    Default SS Ring?

    Dear Friends, a seller offers me this ring. Please, i need your opinons of the, original or fake?. I'm sorry, I have only these pictures. Thanks in advance
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    Circuit advertisement SS Ring?
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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    Well, I have seen such rings often in so probably it is a fake. Or original ring with modern engraving.

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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    Either way the wear pattern on the top edge is wrong as if something has been removed, this would'nt be caused by normal wear

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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    It can be original signet ring from the 1920-30-ies. Monogram is removed and new "nazi" symbol engraved. As well some SS-engravings inside of the ring band.

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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    Please post images using the forum uploader. I can never see photos on imageshack.

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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    I have cropped and uploaded the images to the forum.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    Ring = Rubbish. The wear on this ring is abnormal and the pattern is much too often seen by the cancer of fakers on eBay and elsewhere. Sorry...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    Ditto - it's bad, IMO.........


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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    I agree with everyone above. My opinion is it is a fake not proper wear and the engraving is questionable. I have seen this type of engraving on other copy SS Rings. Cheers Don

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    Default Re: SS Ring?

    Dear Friends, thank you very much for your opinions. I not buying the ring.
    All the best
    Jose Luis

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