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SS Ring What do you think?

Article about: Here's one I got a shot at Best I can do with the photos Always appreciate your opinions guys!!!

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    So, the split shank debate reinforces the ss ring s authenticity and also clarifies why it is all in all in such a poor shape

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    I can see the dealer descriptions now.... SS cadaver ring split from gases of decomposing corpse. Its possible but I would not fire at every split shank with that explanation.

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    I doubt very much that decomposing flesh would split a ring, a friend of mine was a grave digger and he told me when they re opened a grave it was quite common to see rings still on the fingers of the skeleton, but he never mentioned the rings being split!...
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    True,Gunny....but those bodies would have been Embalmed and decayed at a far different rate and manner entirely. Battlefield cadavers would be horribly altered by decomp gasses. If you've ever had the great fortune to see a newly discovered body that has been there for awhile, the bloating can be phenomenally distorting. They can actually Burst from the decomp gasses building inside.

    I think that the answer lies somewhere between the 2 given theories above. 1. That an excavated ring's sizing soldering may well have not stood up to the corrosions of being under ground(depending on the soil, of course) and 2. The stresses of decomp inflation stretching the weakened section of the ring where it had been solder sized.
    Quite often, as stated, the split's edges may tell the tale. The jagged ones could well have been broken through internal stretching, while one with rounded edging could be the results of the solder material being eaten away by ground conditions, leaving the edges pretty much as they had originally been before, as they had been prepared for sizing by the jewelers. Either way, it could answer a long wondered question I have always had about these split shank rings. I've had people tell me that "they came that way", but this would make no sense, as the wearer would be endlessly Pinched by the open gap as it flexed during the day's activities.

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    We need a dead body to test the theory, where is Craig when you need him?. A stress break e.g gas or a cut will look differently under a loop. If the a soldering seem split it would most likely be fairly clean as its a joiner. The shank splits appear at the most narrow and weak point of the ring and I would think that some might be wear and tear.

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    I love this Forum, out of a few pictures so many great conclusions about a ring

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    As an archaeologist I have to say that the idea of rings broken by bodies decomposing in the ground is pure nazi zombie gore



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    Hi Jan, that is interesting, since apparently many rings have been found with split shanks, what could be the cause for this to happen?
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    As an archaeologist I have to say that the idea of rings broken by bodies decomposing in the ground is pure nazi zombie gore



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    Rings were quite often cut off those KIA by Kameraden etc so that they could be returned to NOK , then were lost for whatever reason before that could happen !!
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    Freezing and melting of water in the soil could be one possibility. Expanding water breaks metal easily. as can be seen on cracks on helmets etc.



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