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SS TK Ring with Weird Engraving

Article about: Hi guys, does this one here stand a chance? I personally find the engraving/inscription around the outer edge phony, but what do you say?

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    From what i have seen I am still liking it.

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    Circuit advertisement SS TK Ring with Weird Engraving
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    Quote by octavian View Post
    From what i have seen I am still liking it.
    Which, the first SS ring or the second, broken, repaired in the field, lost then dug from bunker ring?

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    post #65- repaired in the field

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    Ring was in centre of the fair (another place)
    Just for show
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS TK Ring with Weird Engraving   SS TK Ring with Weird Engraving  

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    Repaired 'in the field' by the friendly regimental jeweler or the friendly local jeweler in more recent times, who can tell?

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    history is silent about it,but what's the difference?the ring is original,I think that the hellish propoganda has done its job.Even you think the things I sell are fake.I'm tired to prove.....I with pleasure would delete the topic "Karelia battlefield",if I was a moderator.Sellers of fake and people with no experience of excavation,some experts and scouts will always be against the diggers.

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    Quote by Eismeerfront View Post
    Even you think the things I sell are fake.
    Not true Maxim, I have 5 rings from you that I like very much. The only trouble is some rings that I think you didn't find yourself have questions attached to them and the requested photos are not shown which only leads to more questions.

    Some people are asking why you have so many rings to sell these days. What happened to all the nice buckles, dog tags, helmets etc that you used to find?

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    Good sounds.
    Some people need to know that in the North of Russia winters are brutal sometimes.The season ends when the snow falls.All summer, almost nothing was put up for sale.
    I found my whole team,if anyone knows,works with me 6-8 people.
    And money is fairly distributed between team members.You must also have upgraded equipments and so on.
    Helmets were on sale this year,some will remain in Russia.Other things,my regular clients are requested not show on the network.So it was with SS officer buckle you want to buy.Photos much not published to preserve the brains of Western people.

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    Dog tags Feldgendarmrie of 7 Geb Div in stock anyway

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    This last rings and the coins are real fine looking.

    But sorry to say, in the topic starting ring and this repaired/soldered skull i still have my doubts.
    For example what happend to the inside of the band around the hallmark?

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