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Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?

Article about: Hey Guys, i recently got a Kantinenring and would love to here your opinions about this piece... It came from a 3. Reich German Officer household. I think that the back of the skull got fill

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    Default Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?

    Hey Guys,
    i recently got a Kantinenring and would love to here your opinions about this piece...
    It came from a 3. Reich German Officer household. I think that the back of the skull got filled, sometimes they do that also with medals. I think they tried to stamp it "800" after the job and missed a couple of times. We checked it for silver and it is real silver. Thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?   Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?  

    Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?   Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?  

    Totenkopfring, SS Ring, Authentic?  

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    Can't help with the ring. Someone should be around hopefully to help you out. But I will say, I've never heard of nor seen Medals/Awards being filled.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Looks like the band has two break/repair spots on it? Unusual filling of the skull? Not the usual place for the Proof mark. No proof mark in the usual band location. Overall the ring looks a bit rough cast...Not an expert here, but if I had to guess, whatever it was, it has been heavily modified and repaired.

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    Hi Map, they do fill medals and they call it "verbödet" You can see this on rings and very often on "Verwundetenabzeichen" or "Kampfwagen" etc.. On rings and also medals they want to safe and stabilize it and also make rings smooth to wear. To me it looks like that is what they did to this ring. A ring that would be actually already made like this, seem to have a stamp in this area. At least i have seen a lot of rings having it there. And to me the ring looks heavily worn. Just a thought...

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    Hello Gerry I shared the same opinions of MAP and Eric; but at the same time had similar opinions as yourself in regards to patina. A simple question maybe but does the interior stamp say silver or silber? My thoughts are if this ring was silver filled and worn in period the work would have been a little cleaner/smoother on the interior. I would also think it would of been done by a jeweler hence the silver denotation but the markings are done very haphazardly/overlapping. Lastly given the location of where the stamp is placed wouldn't the markings also show significant wear, as that point on the interior would bear the weigh of the ring? I would honestly see if this is a period "style" of TK ring and go from there. It's the filling and hallmarks that give me pause. Kindest regards.


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    Hi guys,

    In my opinion, this is a poorly cast postwar fake. While it is a known design, with the snakes on the sides, it is so rough and cheaply made that - I think - it is unlikely to have originated in the Third Reich. They did not make jewellery of such poor quality. The skull and sides look rough, and the band is unusually thick. For a ring from WW2 or perhaps earlier, this in of itself is a suspicious sign.

    The apparent lack of wear inside the band is suspicious too. The inner band should be shiny smooth apart from any maker or silver marks. They were made this way and this would not change with wear except to become smoother. Also, I never saw a mark like that before.

    I have seen similar ring designs but they are all considerably better-made than this specimen with much finer detail. While I can‘t argue that medals may have been ‘filled’, among the dozens of rings that I have seen, I never saw one that was filled.

    Happy to be educated otherwise, but I don‘t like the look of this ring at all. Does anyone have an example of a ‘filled’ ring that they would share?




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    Thanks SpitfireVB, don´t be sorry that´s why i started this post to get your opinions... My thought was more they filled the ring later not when they made it and then tried to mark it, which is hard to do, when a ring is already closed and done. That is why they may have tried to stamp the "800" for silver 3 times or they must have been so drunk when they did it. Sometimes they even stamp rings on the outside, if the ring had no mark for silver or needed a repair/ resizing and the area with the mark got destroyed. Of course the way they have done it, looks poorly made. But maybe it has been a cheap job, who wants to spend a lot of money on a such cheap ring... Would have been nice if one of you would have the same kind of ring to match, that was what i was hoping for. I got it real cheap so i gave it a shot! That is one of the the things i like about this forum, it would have been not the first time, that someone comes up with new info´s and solves the mystery or spreads disappointment lol...

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    I just joined this forum and really appreciate the knowledge that is being shared here. The subject matter is fascinating and the knowledge gained priceless. What's in your wallet, lol.

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