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Unusual Ring

Article about: I was able to obtain a very unusual ring, being constructed of a silver-type metal with a swastika of brass affixed to the flat top surface. Affixed atop the swastika is a brass Italian Fasc

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    I was able to obtain a very unusual ring, being constructed of a silver-type metal with a swastika of brass affixed to the flat top surface. Affixed atop the swastika is a brass Italian Fasces. The ring is magnificent, though no precious metals are involved and no identifying markings on the inside band. Is it possible that it may have a D.A.K. connection?

    This is the best photo I have at this time however, am hoping to take a series of better ones.
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    Hi Richard, these are Italian made. I have seen a few before in the past and missed out on buying one once.

    No DAK connection as such, just a general Italian/German friendship item.

    Cheers, Ad.

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    Very pretty.

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    Cool ring. Looks almost like a personal homemade kind of ring, by a soldier or something. But indeed a nice piece!


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    Received the following feedback from a good friend of mine who specializes in rings. His book, that has been several years in the making will be completed soon. Some of you may know of him, Gaspare Bua.

    "Richard,,, an excellent ring!. ,covered in detail in my book.. It is the men's version of the German/Italian pact of steel. They were also sold on the Hitler visit to Italy, and Mussolini's vists to Germany. That ring is 100%. Good find!"

    The Pact of Steel, known formally as the Pact of Friendship and Alliance between Germany and Italy, was an agreement between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany signed on May 22, 1939, by the foreign ministers of each country and witnessed by Count Galeazzo Ciano for Italy and Joachim von Ribbentrop for Germany.

    The Pact consisted of two parts: the first section was an open declaration of continuing trust and cooperation between Germany and Italy while the second, a 'Secret Supplementary Protocol'

    It was Mussolini who dubbed the agreement "the Pact of Steel," after being told that his original name, "the Pact of Blood," would likely be received poorly in Italy.

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    Nice item. I have never seen this one before and unless I had read the comments here, I would have thought it to be a fantasy item.


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    There are no precious metals in this ring ... The base (shank) metal of the ring is polished steel and the emblems are die-stamped in brass, emblematic of the pact.

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    I found this site looking for information about this ring. It was found while we were cleaning my grandmother's house in Crooksville, OH about ten years ago. Being a history 'nerd' and former history teacher, I was happy to possess it (nobody else wanted it). I believe it may have belonged to my grandmother's brother (Don Lauderbach) who lived with her for many years and passed away in 1979. I have no idea how he would have come by it and my father was unable to supply any information before he passed. I had speculated that maybe it was associated with a German/American organization. My ring is exactly like the one pictured and seems to be in similarly good condition. I greatly appreciate the information provided by the members here. If anybody has further information, I hope they are willing to share it. For me, a great mystery is how one ended up in rural southestern Ohio.

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    Nice ring.

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