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West wall what ya think?

Article about: this one ok or just another dud? Your opinions would be appreciated! THX SGT ROD

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    I have managed to reach the seller on E bay. Nice having that German to English translator in my favorites!

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    Quote by rod halliday View Post
    Odal thx once more

    I cant read German .

    Do you think I can purchase that ring on E-Bay and can it be shipped to the USA?

    I think there isn`t any problem.
    I would contact the seller and ask him.
    Try it in english - usually the younger people here speak more or less good english.
    And i think you have good chances - ring is still some weeks in ebay - first for 170 ?, now reduzed :-)

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    The one on eBay Germany does, indeed, look good, but at a price of $170 +SH for a silver plated brass ring, it's horribly over priced. The original posted ring in the thread is a crude fake. They cleverly added the OT inside for "credibility", but it's just bad.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Wagriff thx for the advice on pricing.

    If it is to High, Can I ask your opinion on what would be a fair offer? That is if he would accept one? He has not gotten back with me as of yet, and I do not specken zie Duetch, nor can I probably spell it very well either, but I'm not sure If 170 euro is the starting price or buy it now.

    I Do like the ring, Mainly because You and Odal have blessed it.

    Can anyone take a look and see if it's Buy it now only or would they accept a lower offer?
    I would certainly Do it myself if I understood the dialect.

    THX It's SGT ROD

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    Hello Sarge, For a brass or bronze ring, Personally, I wouldn't pay anywhere near the $170 price-more closer to a hundred dollar range, but it depends on how bad a person wants it, I imagine. I Do see people on occasion paying these huge and in my opinion, shocking prices, but for me to feel good about shelling out such a number, I would need to have it be a solid silver.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thx again!

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    I would say for me it has nothing to do with the material of the ring. IMO it depents in condition and rareness. Of course there are a lot very rare rings made of brass or cink out there that are much more worth between collectors.
    Good rings are getting rarer and rarer and the prices are rising.
    This ebay Westwall is a little expensive but very hard to get a better one for cheaper ;-)

    And...i have seen its still sold.

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    Yes I couldn't move fast enough. It's quite an uphill battle when you don't know the language!

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