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Article about: Hi.can you please identify wich period belong this russian belt.

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    Hi.can you please identify wich period belong this russian belt.
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    There mostly dated beginning of 1950's

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    I have a lot of them, marked from 1949 till 52

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    I'd be interested in knowing if there was an "over the shoulders" type of belt assembly for these web belts used by soldiers. I have seen them in leather, but not web.

    I have a 1950r dated gymnasterka & galife, and one of these belts also. I would like to create an early 50X impression with light field gear and an SKS.
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    Yes Richie,this example is very nice field example with steel buckle and canvas belt. Other belts in brass and leather counted as everyday. Laterly in the 1970's there were no differences between the belts, after the artificial leather was cheap and the soviets start to produce them without difference in field and everyday

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    This Belt is used as part of a Work Uniform of Construction Troops in the 1969 Dress Regulations

    An early SKS armed Personnel would use this type of Equipment...

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    Outstanding illustration and photo! Thanks!

    I see that the shoulder straps are leather faced and web backed. Kindly correct me if I am mistaken.

    Are there all-web shoulder straps that match the all-web belt?

    My desire is to create an impression from the first few years of 50X.
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    The Straps are a Rubber/Plastic coated Webbing, I am aware of only this construction, the D rings on the ends of the braces were later dropped when the clip on Respirator Bag was no longer used, In fact I have never seen a Clip on Respirator Bag except as a drawn Image, the Historical Document Images show only shoulder slung bags used, I'm after one of these rare beasts....

    Earlier Belts have Grey Painted Metal fittings rather than the later (more common Olive painted), the Earlier Yoke also having Galvanised Fittings rather than Olive painted.

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