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Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka Pockets

Article about: I see nothing inconsistent with the lend lease M-35 (construction) and 43 (materials) in the virtual museums posted on other respected dealer websites. This is a "one off" item fou

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    I see it (them) also...
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    Circuit advertisement Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka Pockets
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    My approach is as follows: My hypothesis is that M35 gyms have both internal and external pockets. I have shown period photographs to demonstrate this point and to also stimulate discussion. To amplify my point I have stated that since internal pockets are filled with paperwork they will not lie as flat 2-D objects against a 3-D curved chest. Portions of the pocket will always be shadows in photos taken in natural light. My photos show there are no vertical seams shown, only shadows on the bottom. Comments have been made that the shadows are a seam. To address this issue I have shown other period photos that M35 internal pockets are shown in a consistent manner when compared to female M35 and M43 gyms which are known to have internal pockets. IMO internal pockets are a possibility and should be discussed.

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    Quote by NATJER View Post
    My hypothesis is that M35 gyms have both internal and external pockets. IMO internal pockets are a possibility and should be discussed.

    Lets try to find additional images and perhaps another colleague will view this thread and chime in and/or show an original example.

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    Thank you. I will try to find more photos. I stare at M35 and M43 photos for hours and it is can be challenging because of the lighting. I will post pictures of a M41 with patch pockets sometime.

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    There was an issued gymnasterkas with internal pockets, by some of the tech orders, I did not rememer clearly, but I think it was a 42 year. Earlier style m24 gyms have the same style, but more square ends of the collar

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    If this is to become a Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka (Pockets) why don't we start with what a m35 is first and then its evolutions?
    That will most certainly ease the reading and the discussion

    My understanding is that pockets are flat and square for the troupe. They initialy had black buton that turn to copper that will lately be painted
    Officers and NKVD having alos their own pockets...

    It might also be interesting to globalise this in a wider thread on M35 Gym.

    What do you think?


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    Bruno: Good Idea. I am willing to go any way this thread goes. When I started it my question was if there was a definitive M35 thread where the pockets were discussed. I have searched all of the english ones and really could not find one, so that's why I asked. For instance, there is a good thread on Soviet buttons that has gone about nine pages but none on M35 gyms. I have have posted some more period pictures below to provide more examples. There appears to be flat patch pockets, bellows pockets, pleated patched pockets (not shown) and possibly internal pockets . The features seem to change from the 1930's to the early 1940's. For one the wartime pockets seem to be less scalloped.

    Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka PocketsDefinitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka Pockets

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    I can certainly supply a photo of the quintessential Model 1935 Gym. I have an unissued example that has never had insignia placed on it. This is a very interesting topic for me. As a collector, I am open to the possibility of such a Gym with internal pockets. Possibly as a variant to the M35 or possibly just the continued use of an earlier model?? At this point, in regards to what has been posted here already, I will tend to discount these group photos because the focus and lighting is never good enough to be 100% certain. One needs to bee looking at higher quality, individual soldier portrait type photos for the best photographic evidence. Again as a collector I can say that every example of such a Gym I have ever seen offered for sale has been nothing more than a 1950's fatigue shirt trying to be passed off as a Model 35 Gym. I will post photos of my Model 35 as soon as I can get it photographed.

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    Following the various comments, a new thread was created to deal on the standard M35 basics on

    If you agree, I would suggest, if question arise on non-conventional Gym (NKVD, Transport, Tropicalů) or specific part of them like pockets, that we may create another thread and create a link in both thread to ease the retrieval of such information.

    This way we could more easily locate the information we want and move to additional upon needs.

    What do you think?

    Best regards


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    Back in the mid nineties I worked nights for George Petersen at his store. This is back during the when he was visiting Russia. Also during the times he was bringing the stripped panzer wraps back to the US. He also had a load of WW2 Soviet uniforms, visors, helmets and equipment he brought back at the same time. I remember he had two M35 gyms. One had what looked like a M43 gym with an obvious M35 type collar added. The other M35 a standard mustard lend lease wool, internal pockets, gray pocket lining and no internal inside ID document pocket. It also had the green stitching around the buttonholes and reinforced areas around the collar/buttonhole panels. The only odd thing is that someone sewed external patch pockets over the internal pockets. The collar was not altered in any way. I bought it real cheap then as an afterthought before I knew anything. Over the years I have bought other M35/41's so I am far smarter and nothing I have learned tells me it is a fake. Afterall, it looked like a standard M43 with a collar i.e., IMO a transitional M35.

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