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Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka Pockets

Article about: I see nothing inconsistent with the lend lease M-35 (construction) and 43 (materials) in the virtual museums posted on other respected dealer websites. This is a "one off" item fou

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    Dammit Richie, one controversy at a time please

    Nice lend-lease wool boards on that one though .

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    Circuit advertisement Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka Pockets
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    Quote by Wesley's Dad View Post
    Like Dimas said... a tropical regions specialty item. It also has shoulder board loops
    Dimas wrote that it was 1935 vintage. Perhaps he meant 1955?

    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Yes I confirm a M55 tropical gym


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    Hi Richi,

    Sorry for this
    In fact I reacted on Dom's photo on page 5 were the guy has a similar gym but with what I think is a M 55 cap. That was then dating the photo after that date but he posted a photo dated 1970 so it was obvious
    At the same time I just dicovered many questions arrise, making my answer irrelevant. I just modified it to confirmed the M55 tropical Gym

    The thread was so quiete for some time I just got surprised but this is good and it is a very good thread

    I think the M35 "Family" is quite broad and it is just interesteing to distinguish them all

    Thanks to all


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    Quote by RichieC View Post
    Just to add to the conversation, here is a similar specimen from Dave Websters collection. I do not have an opinion on it, and I do not remember what his take on it was...

    As stated by Mike it make 2 discussions in one but I am a little confused by the uniform showned there.
    The gym look like the technical troups we described previously, the cap seems event to be a M69 (seems bigger than the M55 IMO) but it has pre 55 pogonies...


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    Dom is offline


    To return to the original thread, sorry Natjer but this Gymnasterka is neither an 35 and not a 43

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    This thread bring a lot of interesting questions.
    Natjer's gym is neitehr a M35 nor a M43
    Thereofr it is still a standard Soviet model that was transformed at some point to look like a M35.
    They are many reason for this either for theater, movie or even museaum needing to get one knowing that most M35 were used till death.

    That said, many gym look like M35 but without being one.
    These technical troups gym as suggested, The M55 tropical gym and maybe many others but I am not knowledgeable enought on the subject.

    Maybe could it be interesting to try to list and qualified them so we cannot be confused

    What do you think?


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    I think it is valuable Bruno... For my personal tastes, my interest gets less on post 1945 items. However, theses other Gyms are often modified and passed off as originals. It would be good to know the tell-tale details of the similar looking garments, especially newer collectors.

    Regarding the M55 tropical gym... Disregarding the internal pockets, this blouse has other features that further distinguish it from a period M35 and even the 1929 model that did have exposed front buttons. The M55 tropical has factory loops for shoulder boards and the cuff closure straps. Of course these can be removed, but it difficult to 100% remove all traces. Another feature that cannot be removed without a trace is in the under arm area. The arm pits of the M55 Tropical have factory sewn vent holes.

    Natjer's Gym is not made from such a tropical model however. I think it is a standard technical/construction uniform of the 50's that has had the patch pockets added. This model does not have the arm vents or the cuff adjustments and is the most common item to see converted to M35 for reasons both legitimate and fraud.

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    Hello Mike,

    Thanks for your note

    Maybe could it be interesting to create a Post it/ sticky message on Gymnasterka with the links to all the thread we will do on each model.

    I do not have technical / Construction gym so I will not take the lead on this one.
    I created one on the M55 tropical Gym :
    NKVD troups also had their own.

    Back to the purpose of the thread open by Natjer, we may also find different type of pockets, square, round, beveled, fold, with belows...

    Without speaking of buttons, that are a thread in itself which is already open.

    All the very best

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    Here are two different m35 gymnasterka pockets, the right one is typical, common and often seen but the one on the left picture is a bit different. Does it have a deeper meaning or just a different manufacturer? Thanks!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Definitive Thread M35 Gymnasterka Pockets  

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