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Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

Article about: I would not let any dry cleaner do any kind of "work" on a uniform except for a ironing to remove wrinkles. By now my drycleaner has learned not to ask if to clean it, but it has t

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    Default Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    I've just got my first bit of Soviet cloth.

    Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    I believe it is circa 1975 and its a Major General's everyday uniform.

    I'm planning to get it dry cleaned and the button holes need re-stitching because the last owner seemed to have been fighting a losing battle with his expanding waistline

    Is it ok to smarten uniforms up this way or are they best left salty and original?


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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Personally I would just round it up In- and outwards with acidfree paper and hang it in a cool dry place. Museums can surely help You here.

    Rgds Jan

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Hi Mike, I have no experience with dry cleaning this particular type of uniform. My concern here would be the braid on the shoulder boards going discoloured.

    I have had WW2 uniforms dry cleaned in the past with great sucess. You need though to take them to a shop which knows exactly what they are doing and who have experience with antique clothing. The garment needs to go into a clean batch of fluid. Find out when they are planning on changing it. They can also put it in a bag to while cleaning to help protect it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Thanks for the feedback gents. I've just discovered that where I live is a shop that deals with military tailoring, I'll go in and see them shortly.
    I'm going to have to get something done about it because my wife swears blind that it smells of sweaty old men...

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Yes dry cleaning is fine, with older uniforms though the plastic buttons can be a problem. I used to remove them and then sew them back on again after the jacket had been cleaned. The reason is that early vegetable based plastics will dissolve when they come into contact with the dry cleaning fluid.

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Thanks Nige, the buttons are metal so i should be ok.

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Drycleaning fluid also cleans metal buttons very well, so well in fact it can take the paint off. So if they're painted and you want to retain it you may need to remove them. Look forward to seeing pictures after its been cleaned.

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    Luckily they are in the process of falling off anyway! The jacket is going to get a major overhaul, button holes and buttons re-sewn, dry cleaned and the ribbon bar sewn on properly.
    It'll be tempting to wear it out

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    I prefer untouched condition as is, IMHO, all the work made is make the item less than a 100% authentic. Personally I have some helmets which still has original dust on the liner and remaining some attic storage traces like old leafs and hay...

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    Default Re: Dry cleaning & care of a uniform?

    I do understand this principle, I would never buy a Red Star if it had been cleaned or polished, I just breathe on mine and rub them on my trousers.

    I should probably be honest here and reveal that I am planning to wear this jacket when I collect an award at university in Autumn
    Now my secret is out...

    I have been searching everywhere for a big uniform jacket and this one is nearly big enough for me, maybe a touch short in the sleeves.
    I'm still looking for a size 60-4 so if anyone can help me I'd be really pleased


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