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Front of Russia

Article about: Tovarisch Boyesh; I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but... I placed an order in early November, 2009, with Alexey Babushkin, at Front of Russia. I ordered only three items

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    I have ordered on two occasions. First time I got everything I ordered with one error. He tried to pin that one on me, but I copied him back with the complete email trail and he conceded his error.

    Order two was for a small lot of buttons. I ordered and I paid... and nothing for several months. I pinged him via email and I got the "has been shipped, it will arrive soon". Finally the buttons arrive in good order, but also with a postmark to confirm "has been shipped" was an outright lie.

    Never again, I have probably pushed my luck too far already.

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    Tovarisch Boyesh;

    In an effort to be fully honest, Alexey did finally respond to me after six e-mails asking what he would do to correct the problems.

    He has asked me to return ship the "incorrect" items, he will then produce corrected items, and ship them to me.

    I suggested, that he produce the corrected items, and ship them to me, and once I had received them, I would return the incorrect items.

    Now we wait, and see what happens next.


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    Quote by RedHorseman25 View Post
    I suggested, that he produce the corrected items, and ship them to me, and once I had received them, I would return the incorrect items.
    If me were thee, that is the way it would be...
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Well, I have no intention of returning anything, until I have the corrected items in hand. Largely, because once I return this stuff, unless I have the corrected stuff, I have NOTHING to hold over him.


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    I have ordered in december. Many mails to be sure that the package have been posted. No answer from alex. I receive the package in april. Instead of a gymnasterka M43 with 2 external pocket (copy of course) I receive a brand new gymnasterka without external pocket. The frontier troops parade shoulder boards had became field shoulder boards and the 50's navy tunic was a 80' s one. This guy had good stuff , but not yet. He still has some interesting stuff and good prices,but it is too stange to deal with him.

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    I am amazed that people keep banging their heads at these unscrupulous Ukraine sellers. I have seen complaints from different people at three forums now. What amazes even more is that some return to them with more orders.

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    I find it quite sad, and quite odd if that is the case.

    Who are these "some"?
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Speaking for myself, I have ordered from FoR on two occasions. First order was slow and arrived in two seperate boxes as he said it would in prior communications. But again it was slow... bothersome slow by ANY standard. In the end, I did get the material. There was one small gaff in the initial order but the balance was all correct and exactly what I was expecting.

    Why did I go back a second time?

    First, nothing in with the first order sent up a "never again" flag. The gaff could be dismissed as an oversight. I packed and mailed orders for Ostfron Militaria for three years, shit happens.

    Second, it was the temptation of original gymnastiorka buttons in prewar black paint in quantity. Where else was I to attempt to purchase those????? Nowhere... before or since... a unique opportunity. So I took the devil's hand for one more dance.

    It was this second order that gives me reason to not push my luck further. I did get the buttons, all 30 that I ordered. This order took even longer. I even got the same email replies that "it has been mailed" that others here have gotten... only to recieve a package postmarked some time after I started complaining.

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    I had dealt with him several years ago, when he was one of a very few options.

    That was a bad situation, and I complained. He promised to make it right, if I would order more. Well I didn't, but some others were planning to anyway, so they did it through me, so I could get my stuff.

    Nothing arrived at all. I made the decision to never deal with him again. I wrote him several times complaining about the missing items. After nearly a year, he finally wrote that he had had bad staff, he claimed he fired them all, and was hiring new staff.

    I still declined to purchase from him.

    Mid year last year, two of my NUGs ordered from him, against my advice.

    They got everything they ordered, it came quickly, and there were no problems.

    Since FOR was the only source for the items I was looking for, I decided that I would give him one more shot. What a mistake that proved to be!


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    It would seem that I've had a lucky escape from the clutches of heartache I was going to order a couple of woolen gym as they both looked good and were cheap enough.
    Seems like I shall un bookmark Mr Front and look elsewhere.

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