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Greatcoat help

Article about: Hey all, I'm new to the forums, but they have already been a great resource for me over the course of this past hour. Anyways, I came into the possession of a greatcoat recently and was hopi

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    Default Greatcoat help

    Hey all,

    I'm new to the forums, but they have already been a great resource for me over the course of this past hour. Anyways, I came into the possession of a greatcoat recently and was hoping if someone would be able to help me identify it. Knowing what year it is from (And if it authentic ) is the biggest thing I would love to find out, but if a specific branch of the military could be identified too then that would be even more awesome! I think it is from the late 80's / early 90's right around the time of the fall of the USSR, but not totally sure. It is in great condition (save for the missing button and the loose one above it. Apparently the day before I got it some guy came in and stole one of the buttons....grrrrrr ) and there are some identifying tags on it. The buttons seem to be made of a light metal, possibly aluminum, and the backside reads "мосштамп" with either the number 90 or 06.

    Oh...and if anybody happens to know a great button resource so I can get the missing one replaced, that would be awesome to have that knowledge Thanks all!

    Edit: Taking a closer look at the buttons, they are 22mm and a light brass metal. The hooks seem to be soldered onto the dome, instead of the dome and hook being in two pieces like the older buttons tend to be.
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    Default Re: Greatcoat help

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

    You are correct on the timeframe of 1990. Modern items are not my field.

    A button should be easy to find and I am sure someone here might have a spare to give you.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Greatcoat help

    Thanks for verifying the date for me! Just had my friend who is originally from Russia translate the text for me. Label of where the coat was made: "куибышевское"- Kuybyshev, What factory: "лшо"-lsho, and Coat model: "красная звезда"- or Red Star.

    Now all I need to do is find a button. The buttons, as I described earlier are lightweight with a brass coating/color. The backside says "мосштамп 90". They are 22-23mm in size. If anybody here has a couple of those that they wouldn't mind parting with, or knows where I could find some, I would be more than happy to take some (just to be safe if one goes missing...again) off your hands for reasonable compensation

    Thanks all,

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    Default Re: Greatcoat help

    This is an Officer, or Senior NCOs dress shinel (overcoat) It is worn with the walking out dress, or parade dress uniform. It is not a field uniform. The buttons are available, and I have a few extra. Junior enlisted assigned to special duties might be issued one as well, such as the special guard detail at Lenin's tomb, or similar such duties. It is commonly worn with the ushanka, or the dress visor hat. I have not seen any pictures of anyone wearing a pilotka, but I suppose it was possible.

    This appears to be the standard Army version, however, without seeing the pogorni (shoulder boards) I can't be absolutely certain.

    It is not dark enough to be the Navy, or the KGB version, and doesn't appear to be the Air Force version.


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    Default Re: Greatcoat help

    I am thinking that this is the name of the "company" ....

    Куибышевское Производственное Швейное Предприятие «Красная Звезда»
    Kuibyshevskoe Proizvodstvennoe Shveynoe Predpriyatie «Krasnaya Zvezda»
    Kuybyshev "Red Star" Clothing Manufacturing Enterprise

    Although there is a town called Куйбышев / Kuybyshev near Novosibirsk (and others), this was more likley a factory in Samara (which was called "Куйбышев" in Soviet years).,_Russia
    Kuybyshev was Bolsheviks leader.

    - Frayer

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