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Identifying a telogreika jacket

Article about: Gentlemen, Since my childhood, the image of the soviet soldier of the Great Patriotic War included the telogreika padded jacket. For me it is an iconic part of his uniform, and it has ever s

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    Oh, then it's very good.

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    Michael, Yes maybe on picture you can't see it ? But the back of the "5" don't form a loop, on true eyes you can see a little bar for stop the form the number who make clearly a "5".
    Even the form on top of the number don't make a loop on the bar but a brocken angle (it's true that the brown mark hide a little bit that detail )

    Identifying a telogreika jacket

    Quote by RKKAFan View Post
    Arthur has a nice wartime telo, but I think the second button is postwar. Postwar design, not rusty and has other thread like the other buttons, doesnt fit in the row.
    Your indeed right Wadim !

    The button was replaced and we can see it inside in fact, but I guess that was long time ago.

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    Arthur, perhaps my old eyes can see very bad. : ))

    PS I want to add (I already talked about this). Guys, "telogreikas" - Russian work clothes, designed for the dirty work. On it could sew absolutely any buttons ( no rules! Did not exist in the post-war period ). Do not treat the buttons on old telogreikas too seriously - we do not know who, when, why and sewed them on it! : ))

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    Quote by dimmuborgir95 View Post
    Arthur, perhaps my old eyes can see very bad. : ))
    Hahaha !
    Come on Michael ! Your not that old

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    Unfortunately, I absolutely do not understand "telogreikas". But I repeat once again - guys, do not take their findings too seriously! After the war, for many years, they could sew all sorts of buttons. Then there were no rules : ))

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    There are some buttons, which you can only find during wartime. We have a special good button thread (Buttons, Buttons & Buttons). I just can remember the design of Arthurs postwar button, cause you can find it very often on postwar tunics and pants from the 50s / 60s with the white stamps. The green thread is IMO lend-lease, which was used after war too for repairing uniforms.

    P.S.: Michael your are not old, even if you have witnessed the October Revolution.

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    Just for interest, some more telo wartime pictures:

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    1942: Young Russian woman produce telos for the front (like my good old grandma did).

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Another photo showing telo production in the city Kuibyschev, using Singer sewing machines.

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    1941/42: Defenders of Moscow

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Farmer with a postwar worker telo and a medal "For Valiant Labour".

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    March 1942: 7th Soviet Marine brigade using 120 mm M1938 motar

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Young Russian motar soldier with a collar telo (ca. 1942)

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    1942: Young Kirghiz with telo and PPSh-41

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Ca. 1956: Erika Kornelia Szeles with a postwar telo in Hungary

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Proud Soviet soldier with collar telo and captured German equipment (Mauser ammo pouch, belt, bayonet and one German button)

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Russian position in the woods. Young soldier with telo, pilotka and Mosin rifle. Captured German Panzerfaust in the background.

    Identifying a telogreika jacket
    Another soldier with wartime telo and pilotka.
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    It is a very beautiful telogreika and I agree with Michael, do not trust the buttons. These are the first things we lose and we always replace them with other buttons, which are sometimes different.
    It is a complex subject, there are so many variants of fabrications, of color, ....
    For the year, it is 1945, the productions of 1946, 1947, .. are rare, the Soviets have a lot of stock indeed military and they produce less.

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    Quote by Poland View Post
    I recently purchased this jacket and would like to know what period it is from. It has a sage green outer with grey lining. The buttons have been added recently from the look of the thread, as had the inside pocket.

    It is very thick and heavily padded, much more so than my obviously post-war one.

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    Hi ,

    I think you must try to find another stamp, you already have a "БРАКЕР" (controller) and it is a good sign.

    Personally I have a good feeling with this Telogreika.

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    Agree with Dom. Want to see a closer picture of the inside pocket. It is an interesting material, maybe the same like my trousers made, which I offer here.

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