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M35 gymnasterka with unusual chemical protection modifications?

Article about: Hi Last time I was able to get this nice, well worn M35 gym from reputable dealers in Russia. Generally a nice, field used, M35 manufactured in 1941 in Kazan according to manufacturing stamp

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    Hi Bill
    No, the tabs aren’t the same material as the tunic. I’m not sure about the color, I would say,no, they don’t seem to be the same color as tunic, they are more brownish.
    That’s the thing which concerned me too, but looking at the uniforms with M41 tabs from that period we can see that these were made from different kinds of fabric. I’d say that during hard wartime period (khaki insignia were introduced by order from August 1 1941) they made these from what was available, not from they should do these.

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    Exactly. The Soviet Union was massive and materials produced throughout varied enormously. Complete uniformity was rare even in western production, so it is misguided to expect it within Red Army uniforms.
    As you rightly say, MarineCollector, wartime emergencies forced the use of anything that was vaguely suitable.


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    Yes, Marinecollector and Bob, I completely agree that wartime exigencies demand that other materials be used.

    Marinecollector, you say that these collar tabs look brownish, and they do look so on my computer screen. However, I have been looking at your third to last photo in which the collar is flipped up to show the underside of it. There is a bit of the collar tab that is sewn down under the collar. Perhaps this portion of the collar tab is less faded. That little bit of collar tab looks grayish-green on my computer screen unlike the other portions of the collar tab color. However, I realize color on computer screens can greatly vary.

    Would you say that that portion of collar tab under the collar is still more brownish? Or is the grayish-green color I am seeing more accurate?

    By the way, those are nicely detailed photographs. Thank you for sharing.


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    Yes, the edges of collar tabs underneath are greyish but it’s not the original color but it’s just dirty I believe due to fact that this piece is collar tabs had contact with material of a dirty gym. Part just on the egde of a collartab underneath collar has just the same color as it has on it’s front, maybe just a bit more brownish.

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