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Soviet Afghanistan era field caps: ID assistance

Article about: I am curious if anyone knows the proper Soviet names and style numbers for each cap I posted, opposed to the generically-used "Afghanka" seen on the Internet. I do not own these ca

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    Yes, it does not look very serious, especially in the event of a nuclear war. This suit was supposed to protect against poisonous substances, radioactive dust, light radiation from a nuclear explosion and bacteriological weapons. It is made of a fabric with a special impregnation and was used together with other clothing and a gas mask. When I was working at the factory, some people wore such caps from this kit. The fabric of these caps was impregnated with a substance that had an unpleasant odor.

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    dimmuborgir95, your advice is appreciated! You worked in a factory in the USSR where they made the clothing? Bruno, it is from the OKZK uniform, correct. See attached image showing the OKZK-D series and its pilotka with serial number "TU-17-389-69" specific to cap only. I ask dimmuborgir95, would the number '69' be year of manufacture? That appears similar to the digit combinations on other Soviet markings with uniforms.

    I obtained the below uniform schematic from "Militaría soviética y germano oriental entre los años 1970 y 1991", a Spanish language site. Everything you say (dimmuborgir95) about Chernobyl is mentioned there. Interestingly, as I mentioned on the forum, the author of the Spanish-language site also says the pilotka ("Syriyka") is not often seen in photos from the Afghan conflict. This again points to a misconception that this pilotka has been associated with the Afghan-Soviet era. Thank you all again for your insight and knowledge.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Soviet Afghanistan era field caps: ID assistance  

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    No, I did not work at the clothing factory. The point is that these kits were apparently distributed from the civil defense depots

    «TU-17-389-69» - this means the number of the year, in which the documents were approved for the production of this costume model that is - 1969. This is not the year of release, this is the year of "adoption" of this model. (TU*****84 means it's a 1984,s model.

    What you call "Syriyka" - is just a chemical protective suit, absolutely true. All the rest is - a fantasy of greedy dealers.

    PS I do not have a very good English, but I think you understood me)
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