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Soviet M43 Gymnastiorka

Article about: Hi everyone, I have just bought this M43 Rifle Officers Gymnastiorka from a classified ad on this forum. Its in really nice condition and I am looking forward to completing it with shoulder

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    Hello Rob

    so we have a M43 since there is no trace of external pocket , with a pre war M35 sleeves with chevrons in a perfectly identical fabric ?
    Sorry but this explanation is not to satisfy me.

    But I agree with you failing to attend at the modification it is best to stay on standart manufacturing .

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    Circuit advertisement Soviet M43 Gymnastiorka
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    Thanks Dom and Rob for your contributions to this thread. I was looking at this other thread Women's Gymnastierka which shows a converted m35. I cant see any trace of external pockets on this one either.

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    The M43 is authentic, no doubt about it. But for me, it remains a M43. It may be that it is one of the first production and during the war, the Soviets have produced consistent with many different tissues. In this way, it would be logical to retrieve Elements of M35, M43 in.
    I will attach a picture of the best pockets of the modified M35 M43 does, the seams of the pockets are clearly visible.
    Soviet M43 GymnastiorkaSoviet M43 Gymnastiorka

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    If I may input my opinion on this:

    It is an M35 modified to conform to 1943 regulation.


    1- Holes on the left chest section where screwback awards were adorned.

    2- Note how the collar is semi-crudely attached.

    3- The additionial buttonholes on the front closure.

    4- Obvious evidence of sleeve chevrons being attached and removed.


    OR, a really well carried out attempt to recreate a modified M35. This is always a remote possibility within this genre of collecting.
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    Hi Richie, thanks very much for your response, this is my assessment as well.

    Looking very carefully with a lens it is just possible to make out the stitching patterns of the original external pockets, though they are remarkably faint. I am very grateful to everyone who has offered their opinion.

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    Again Doug, what I have written was only my opinion going by what my diabetic eyes see on my aged PC screen.

    Opinions from my esteemed colleagues such as Dom, Phillippe, Rob, and Dim should also be taken into serious consideration.

    By the way, where's our Mike?
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    I missed the same mans 35 pattern gym that also had raspberry piping . I think the 'salt and pepper' wool doesn't easily photograph and its best seen for real . The fine wool in Phillipe's converted 35 pattern, better shows the traces of a previous external pocket . Thanks for your detailed examination Douglas , its good that its found a good home.

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    Where is Mike? Still waiting for Richie to answer PM regarding Visor hat stars...

    Also, regretting a bit that he missed this one due to "heel dragging"

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    here is the hypothesis that the holder is then put on her sleeve chevrons M43.
    The transition to the new uniforms, regulations, ... that we see in some photos of the colorful and sometimes held with attributes that should be worn on uniforms.
    It's just a hypothesis ....

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    I also think it is a converted 1935:

    - The discarded buttonholes thread (whiter) match the rest on the cuffs (which we may presume untouched): Only those ar the front closing / collar have been redone by a taylor to comply with the 1943 pattern.

    - The fabric looks like pre-war (better quality) as well as materials (buttons) and workmanship (remark the sateen lining!): Sartorial details are often encountered in pre-war uniforms (and not only Russian), where haste and economy measures were not important.

    - Pockets can be redoned professionally (we might take into consideration that the officer took to much pains as to hire a taylor for professional work).

    - The marks of the old chevrons are also quite telling.

    - Also note the thread at the edges of the cloth, this is typical taylor finish.

    Very nice item, in fact!

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