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Are These WW2 Russian Air Force M43 Gymnasterkas?

Article about: Hello, I would like to buy one or both of these Russian Air Force Gymnasterkas. I will probably need more pics from the one and I will probably need help from someone from this forum who can

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    I have looked at this useful and thoughtful thread before. The fabric of the major air force Gymnasterka I have posted appears to be lend lease material. However, I am unfortunately unable to tell when I compare the back of the pocket photos from the thread with my back of the pocket photos. I would like to compare the construction of the pockets, whether the pockets have the post war small document pocket or not, but I can't tell because my pockets are folded and not flat. I can say, the fabric color of the back of the pockets are not the purplish DDR color. They appear slightly gray, maybe with a bit light blue. The color appears closest to the late 1944. I have never owned a Gymnasterka before. Any other opinions would be most welcome.

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    I like both, of them. But really I prefer a steel color AIR FORCE gimnasterka. Soon it will appear.But the best way is to buy in Russia, normal price 47k rubles a year ago was around of 1200, but now is around of 530 eur
    I know Maksim and Ivan personally and can tell, they are good guys. But can not say if they send stuff over the border

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    Can anyone tell from the pics if this is a 1943-45 wartime Gymnasterka? Anyone else like it or not like it? Are there any other opinions please? Thanks in advance.

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    Default New Photos

    I have just received photos from the seller. It seems to me, from the photos of the back pocket, the Gymnasterka is a ww2 period garment. Does anyone agree or disagree? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance gentleman
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Are These WW2 Russian Air Force M43 Gymnasterkas?   Are These WW2 Russian Air Force M43 Gymnasterkas?  

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    What is the reputation of this dealer?

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    Hello, I have heard from 2 people they are reputable. Dima has written about them :"I know Maksim and Ivan personally and can tell, they are good guys. But can not say if they send stuff over the border".

    I wanted to paypal them, but he wants me to transfer money to his mother in law's credit card, or western union wire transfer to him. He wrote: "

    "Here number of the card of the Russian bank and data of the card holder (it is the nominal card of mother of my wife), on it try to make the translation. THE PHOTO OF THE CARD IS ENCLOSED IN THE LETTER!

    If doesn't leave, then option only on system of bank the western union on my name Arlashin Ivan Moscow. Alas I have no bank account..."

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    That sounds very convoluted. I'd want to know I'd get the time I'm looking at, for definite.

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    We are both speaking through the internet translator. This is what he emailed me today, Feb 29 at 1110 my time here in Virginia, USA:

    "I gave you number of the card and a name and a surname. On it it is quite possible to make the translation. paypal


    "Я вам дал номер карты и имя и фамилию. На нее вполне можно сделать перевод. paypal"

    He enclosed a photo of a credit card, I think he says it belongs to his mother in law. I think he believes I can paypal funds to this credit card.
    Has anyone ever transferred paypal funds, or paypaled someones credit card? There are credit card numbers and a name on the card (like any credit card). Any opinions? Thanks.

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    Lend lease, keep in mind that it may have been made immediately after the war

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