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Is this a ww2 russian army uniform

Article about: Hi All I am very new to all this and have only just decided to spend some cash and get a uniform to wear at the next 40's weekend. I have been on ebay and seen what I thought was a good deal

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    Quote by dixieflyer View Post
    Hi Gabe, and welcome to the board. Funny you should mention the bit about being laughed at as I and some fellow reenactors were having a discussion on our board about "Stitch-Nazis" and other know-it-all behavior that is directed at someone who is new. These self-appointed "authenticity-czars" do more harm, and drive more people away from our hobby than most other causes. As Adrian said, truly professional reenactors/living historians will help you rather than point out your short-comings.
    FWIW, I have ordered some repro gyms from a vendor that has only recently started to reproduce WWII Soviet items. When I get them, and make sure they are as advertised, I'll give you a shout, and you can purchase a new gym from him if you wish and you'll be in great shape.

    Hope this helps, your madness may vary,


    Comrade, It is KOMSTICH, for Progressive Collecting/Re-enactment,( even SMERCh watch their Scales of Issue around them), Het "Stitch-Nazis" that is a Gitlerite Organ of Oppression.

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    Thank you for re-educating me. Hopefully, my ill-advised use of the language will go un-noticed by those who keep track of such things.


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    Hmm, or to be really accurate KomStezh or Goskomnit (Gostudarstvo Kommityet po Nitki SSSR) ;-)

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    Gabe and others who replied to him in this forum, I too purchased from this same Ukrainian 'dealer' on Ebay in December 2009 knowing full-well he was selling 1970s-era uniforms. I bought from him a made-up Soviet air force uniform with boots (they cost extra). Short story is that he uses the same photo on Ebay for his uniforms that he calls 'WWII' and the material came to me as absolute rubbish. Worn cloth in bad shape, buttons falling off-- cheap basement quality garbage. Gabe is lucky he gave a refund, he would not do the same for me.

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    Greetings! I am new to this forum and I knew about it after watching this thread, reason for that I decided to start my first post here.

    Perhaps I'm not right, but concerning the pilotka, I believe that the one used in WWII may be the same used until 91. I say that because being a reservist officer I remember that we used to receive 3 kinds of caps. All of them were made with a not very good material, soft, but there was another model for sale at store, we called it "American style", wich was much better for looking and service. All my mates from my ROTC unit asked me for it before the daily service presentation, as well as my knife. That is, it was the same model, but one of them was made from a better material. In WWII photos and Soviet movies we can realize that. Judge them by yourselves:

    And even the famous pic of Sarge Kantaria(because of course, they would give him the best pilotka):

    Here we can see 2 different models(the same can be said about the furazhka):

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