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Is this a 1918 pattern WW1 tunic

Article about: Hi I am after a ww1 tunic this one is up for sale , just wondering if it ww1 or post ww1

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    You often see 30s and early WW2 tunics passed off as "1918 pattern". The tunic pictured is not WW1 but it is quite an early example of the postwar type. I've seen this type dated up to 1942 (and even 1960s but with unpleated pockets and plastic buttons), but this one has a glued-in paper label, which were replaced by stitched-in cloth labels some time around 1930.

    The typical WW1 tunic has a pale or white lining, sometimes with darker pockets, and is unlined down the button closure and under the pocket flaps, plus there are the well-known two darts from the collar instead of the later one.

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    Quote by William1 View Post
    I've seen this type dated up to 1942 (and even 1960s but with unpleated pockets and plastic buttons),
    The one (for need to give a name) I'll call 1922 pattern was made until 1942. In 1942 the economy version appeared with flat pockets, and some or all of the following features (there are many differences), plastic buttons, rifle patches omitted, lower pocket buttons omitted. In this respect they resembled the earlier economy pattern of 1915. After 1945 production returned to the original '1922 pattern' with all the familiar features and went right up through the 1960's without alteration.

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    I used to have one about 30 years ago that I am pretty sure was dated 1960 and had the plain pockets and plastic buttons, but the rifle patches were definitely present. I haven't seen this type without rifle patches as in the WW1 simplified jacket but WW2 dated, but a lot of oddball kit was made in both wars and it's always good to hear about the different variants.

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