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2nd Infantry M41

Article about: Looking at this M41. Not to familiar with American items and especially M41s so before I buy i figure I should get it checked out. Thanks.

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    Default 2nd Infantry M41

    Looking at this M41. Not to familiar with American items and especially M41s so before I buy i figure I should get it checked out.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2nd Infantry M41   2nd Infantry M41  

    2nd Infantry M41   2nd Infantry M41  

    2nd Infantry M41  

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    The jacket is no doubt 100 percent original. But the 2nd ID patch looks pretty fresh, if you know what i mean. Definitely not consistant with the wear and tear on the rest of the jacket. This one is on ebay correct)

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    Yes it is. I personally don't shop on eBay, ever, but I saw this on there and thought it might be worth getting checked out because I am a 2nd ID fanatic.

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    I agree with Akmo it seems to be added on at a later date and my suspicion it could be a late 40's early 50's manufactured cut edge.

    I have a few WWII 2ID , occupation era and also several I can't make up my mind they could be WWII-1953 period.


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    From what ive seen the "post" wwii cut edge 2nd ID patches look a little wider and have very defined facial features. If the price is right (I'd say about $120) this jacket would be a fine piece in anybodys collection.
    On a side note, i buy and sell a lot of great stuff on eBay. If you dont believe me check the 1st pattern tanker jacket that came in the mail today! I have it posted with my other armored uniforms

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    You wouldn't be willing to part with an occupation era one would you? I haven't had any luck finding one.

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    Hi Akmo

    Manufacturing techniques changed little until the mid 50's and onwards when they introduced the same twill backing as the design ie the 2ID used black/dark blue twill and the use of polyester thread.

    What you see as defined facial features is that of the schiffli process and the people involved.

    Once the designer (sketcher) has it approved , it is then enlarged ( by an enlarger 10 x the original size) each thread is counted , mapped and traced and them the stitcher follows the design as per (Sketcher). So at that stage you can have multiple variations from many manufacturers who have won contracts. These variations could manifest in having a ribbed effect , adding an OD border (sketcher interpretation) , defined or plain facial features etc.. Thats why you get so many variations of WWII US made patches.
    Also people have mentioned you can tell a post WWII 2ID patch because they had less feathers on the bonnet which again is a myth.

    2ID had 9100 stitches as per OQMG drawing Dec. 1948 which was the same as 1943 drawings. You can get "bulbous" looking 2ID patches during WWII

    In effect it comes down to manufacturers interpretation.


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    Sorry I only have one OD border German made.


    2nd Infantry M412nd Infantry M41

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    Hey NSKK, I know the guy who is selling that. He sewed the patch onto the jacket. He is a 2nd ID vet and in an attempt to form a reenacting unit, he sewed 2nd ID patches onto everything he could get his hands on. If you ask him, he will tell you that he put it on there. However, please don't tell him I told you that. haha

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