Thanks Ed!!
I agree 1000% with you. They were the Greatest Generation this nation has seen and I try to do my part. The Captain I am honoring is Dewayne "Ben" Bennett. He was the only B17 from the 545th to make it back that day. 6 out of their 7 B17 of the 545th BS were shot down. I made contact with Ben in mid 2009 and he would send me all the info he had about that raid. Maps return routes, who flew where when they were shot down the positions they took after the attack. He was my uncles B17's left wing man. He told me how they were hit bad and how flames were coming out of the bomb bay doors. He was the one that got me on to the 384th bomb group website to help add crew from the original loading list on to the sites database.Ben passed away but he said he wanted one thing and that is that the men that died that day BE REMEMBERED. I told him I would do that! So every April 13th I post the list of those men that died that day that Ben had given me and I post them on every site I'm a member of. Always Remember Never Forget!!! So to Honor Ben I have this Captains uniform I am putting together.
I'll get pic of it soon.
Semper Fi