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8th AAF TSgt Uniform

Article about: Hello To All, First off I need to throw out a BIG thanks to Steve for helping me out with making sure I was getting the right thing to add to my collection in honor of my Uncle's service wit

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    Thanks Burt. I will remember that when I put my uncle's ribbons and wings on it. I will also correct the collar disc location on the final setup. What i'm not really happy with, is that my uncle has 7 ribbons and if I mount the wings a 1/2 above the ribbons the gunner wings will be partially obscured by the collar lapel..I like the look of the wings,but as soon as I set it up I won't be able to see them in there full glory.
    Would you happen to know where I can look up the uniform reg's for WW2 AAF uniforms? .

    Take Care
    Semper Fi

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    Nice uniform I am trying to figure out what I should do for my great grandpas ribbon bars since he served 1931-61 and I have a WWII uniform representing him so I do not know if I should include postwar ribbons / oak leafs? As well I am not sure if he would have been a specialist my guess in armament like your jacket has if he was?
    Do you know if specific gunner positions has specific specializations?

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    This is from the 1942 officers guide I have more recent documents somewhere that might be more relevant? Hope it helps any other information specifically you want to know about regs? I would suggest picking up a 1944 edition of the officers guide since it will have more updated info they are pretty cheap and a great source.
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    Thanks Ben,
    and in answer to your post above .I'm not sure about the positions have specific specialisation, I read that at time's there were more that one armorer on board and also there were men trained as a secondary radio man. One of the Books I've read Called" Half a Wing,Three Engines and a Prayer" Talked about one of the waist gunner's and the Ball turret gunner were the armorers on the Hull crew of the 303rd BG. My Uncle flew as a togglier for several missions and would have had to arm the bombs prior to dropping them. So I know he had some armorer/ordnance training.
    Semper Fi

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