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Army Picks a New Uniform With a World War II Look

Article about: Army Picks a New Uniform With a World War II Look---Daniel A. Dailey, center, the sergeant major of the Army, stands with soldiers modeling prototypes of the new Army Greens service uniform

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    Hey the UK are using Cambodia & Bangladesh as well as China!!!(from examples in collection) Is this the case here too now!?!

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    Aussie combat uniforms are still Aussie made but the Service Dress uniforms are Chinese made since 2003.

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    Quote by lithgow View Post
    I seem to recall an outcry a couple of years back that the boots were now going to be made in China-also concerns that the effective end of the garment industry here would mean something similar for the formal uniforms too.
    The issued combat boots are made by Redback "100% Australian Made". Although soldiers can choose to purchase other brands from an approved list.
    Our garment industry is in a lot of trouble, what's left of it. Hence the formal - service dress uniforms are now from China.

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