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Australian winter tankers "Pixie" coveralls

Article about: G'day all, Whilst not WW2 era made these winter tankers coveralls (Pixie suit) are I believe identical to the late WW2 British made examples with the exception of colour (OD vs Khaki ). The

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    Does it have a wanking hole or was it sewed up ? It gets lonely on the front lines.
    Hey Steve, ya better go use that dusty 'ol pecker Mate-- it's 'bout to shrivel up!

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    I would certainly go with 50's, here's shots of my British 44

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    Magnificent WW2 Pixie suit Rene, Super cool mate, super cool.
    Thanks for posting them cobber

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    Brilliant piece of kit. My late grandfather always swore that the Pixie Suit was the best piece of kit that he was issued in 12 years with the British Army.

    Thanks for posting the pic's lads.

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    They are pretty advanced for the time, one of my faviourites in my collection

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