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Battledress Blouse Lieutenant G. A. J. Grieg, 70213 5th NZ Brigade, 2nd NZEF

Article about: A not so recent purchase I am still researching on. It's a battledress blouse badged to a Lieutenant of the 5th New Zealand Brigade, 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, or 2nd NZ Division.

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    Quote by Anderson View Post
    What's the date of the photo with the officer wearing the lemon squeezer? Is it actually a wartime photo and is it the 1940 pattern battledress that's being worn? Seems like the jacket extends below the belt. The 3rd photo of the Service Dress jacket, there is no argument, of course the brass pips were used with that.
    Definitively a BD blouse (you can easily see the First Aid pocket on the BD trousers) and WWII. And I think that Lieutenant Turnbull's photo should leave no further doubts.

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    That's a good find Loupie, I concede that. But a rare one. The NZEF departed New Zealand in January 1940 wearing the pattern 1902 Service Dress uniform which had brass buttons and rank insiqnia. They only received the 1937 pattern "battledress" after arrival in Egypt in April 1940 and for one etchelon that went to Scotland, June 1940. Presumably the brass insignia was used from necessity, shortage of cloth versions probably and seems to have continued with some officers long after others were using cloth pips. But non regulation. Certainly most photos you turn up in combat areas show the cloth badges with battledress.

    One reference I found: " Brass insignia for officers was limited to Service Dress and greatcoats. Officer's Battledress had cloth khaki general service "pips' sometimes attached to rank slides to sit over epaulettes to facilitate laundering."

    A couple of photos of NZ troops in 1940 wearing service dress.

    Battledress Blouse Lieutenant G. A. J.  Grieg, 70213 5th NZ Brigade, 2nd NZEFBattledress Blouse Lieutenant G. A. J.  Grieg, 70213 5th NZ Brigade, 2nd NZEF

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    Lt G.A.J.Greig
    c/o 11 Platoon, A Company, 23 Battalion, 5th Brigade.
    Born in Edinburgh 24-Feb-1919
    Lived in Karioi, Waikato, North Island, NZ
    Pre-war Storeman
    Wounded 3 Aug 1944-Cassino

    I will try to obtain more information when I obtain the book
    Hope this helps

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    The 23rd Battalion were part of the 2nd echelon which came to the UK in 1940 to help with the Home Defences. They were stationed near where I live. A magazine was produced after their stay here full of stories of exploits from along the South of England which I posted some of a few years ago New Zealand 2nd Echelon "The Blitztourist". I should probably add some more of the stories to the thread.

    More information can be found here and he is mentioned in the Cassino chapter but only briefly (p330). They finished fighting in Cassino in March so I am unsure when he got wounded.

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    The 23rd Battalion recruited from the Canterbury-Otago region. Greig if wounded in August 1944 it would have to be further north of Rome, into northern Italy.

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    Yes Anderson, I should have put a question mark after the Cassino
    Greig may have been in South Island when he enlisted?

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