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Begining WWII USMC Collection

Article about: Thank you Ian for the response the viewing today was somber. I will put some close ups soon, especially of the flashlight he gave me I would like to learn more about it since it is not the t

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    Nice stuff. Rich A. in Pa.
    1969 Shelby GT-500 King of the Road
    Knowledge is power, guard it well.

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    Here is an updated picture, it would be easier with a manikin...
    Begining WWII USMC Collection

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    Great collection, I wish my collection was that far.
    I saw this one kid at my school using a m41 haversack as a backpack for his books and stuff.

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    Tell him ill trade him a civilian back pack for it

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    Lovely set there,
    for me out of all the uniforms I've collected- all nations, I reckon the USMC service uniform is the best looking uniform outright

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    I think the HBTs and web gear are one of the best battle uniforms as well
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    Today was a bad day for me besides issues at school and tests I received bad news. Last night my great uncle passed away after he requested to betaken off life support he died by the morning. (He is the inspiration for this thread and this part of my collection.) I sent a birthday card that never got to him and I was going to visit one last time to get pictures and some of his documents to make a display. His family is not very easy going so I hope I can at least make copies of his pictures before they are long gone...
    The important part is one more hero passed away who's story would have been forgotten, may he rest in peace

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I typed this before I read your last post.
    Once again I am sorry to hear that he passed away. you have my deepest condolences.
    RIP Devil Dog!!!!!

    Being a former Jarhead ,That is outstanding to get to talk with and receive items from our personal Hero's. There experiences were taught to us in Boot camp and they really went through Hell. They are our idol's and what the Marine Corps was made of. They are the Greatest Generation!!!!
    Congrat's on the items you got from him. If you are interested I got some pic's from a couple of friends that got to go to Iwo Jima for a mini Det to test out some Nav equipment and while they were there they went on a couple of trips to check out the caves and the Japanese memorials that dot the island. PM me an email if you want and I'll send you them.
    Semper Fi

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    I have several papers I wrote when I interviewed Pete before his passing, but I would like to obtain as much information as possible before I write a short Biography on him.
    Here is some brief information and if anyone could direct me in the right way to find more about his USMC records or the WWII 3rd USMC division.
    He was in the 3rd USMC C company 3rd engineer platoon. He later transferred to the 1st HQ in china in 46 because he lacked 1 point to go home.
    His SN 911932
    His Garands SN 1458322 just in case someone has it

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Hi mate,

    so sorry to hear about your loss. It was a great and timely thing that you went to the trouble of listening to his stories and writing them down. That is a great thing to have done and when you are an old man yourself you will be able to pass all this on and become part of that history yourself.

    Your USMC collection looks great - I'm starting one myself, but I'd like to see it close up. Any chance of a series of pictures of all your items here? That would be really interesting and helpful for a novice like me.

    Please let me know when you are ready to post your biography on your great-uncle Pete, I look forward to reading that.

    Tonight I will raise a glass to him,

    all the best,


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