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Begining WWII USMC Collection

Article about: Thank you Ian for the response the viewing today was somber. I will put some close ups soon, especially of the flashlight he gave me I would like to learn more about it since it is not the t

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    Default Begining WWII USMC Collection

    I recently met a family member for the first time His name is Pete (Real first name Irving) Park. He is my great uncle and my grandmother told me that he participated in WWII and that he never talked about it. I planned a visit with him expecting to here a few sentences with little info about the war but it turned into several visits consisting of several hours each.

    I learned that he was in the 3rd Marine Corp. and then the First after the war. He was in a demolition squad (the FIRST to land on Iwo Jima), and out of the 60-64 men in his platoon he was the only to survive that day it was quite a moment. Especially after he ended with tears and then stated that I was the only person he had told that since the day it happened.

    He showed me photos which I hope to soon get copies of and then gave me his bayonet, a flashlight, and a 50 cal. Shell that were all with him on Iwo. He told me he carried a garand but was issued a carbine, thus why he gave me a carbine bayonet.
    This sparked my interest in collecting USMC items now....

    Begining WWII USMC Collection
    The Bayo, 50 cal casing, and flashlight were his.
    Ps does anyone know the designation for this flashlight could it be earlier than the TL-122s or PX?

    Begining WWII USMC Collection
    Begining WWII USMC Collection
    Begining WWII USMC Collection
    Trying to patch together a 3rd USMC Dress uniform as well...


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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Very great start and so cool to have history with items congrats!

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Thanks and yeah its the history behind my great grandpas AAF items that got me hooked on collecting ... :P
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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Im debating if I should display It with a cartridge belt or a pistol belt with carbine pouches since thats what he was first issued any thoughts? I plan on also adding some demo bags if i can find any as well.
    BTW If anyone knows a good source for p41 trousers a 41 pack and a class a cap I would be grateful

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Awesome items, Ben! Although he was issued a carbine, I'd say go with the cartridge belt. It is what he CHOSE to use and what he felt would give him the best chance of survival.

    - - Updated - -

    P.S. Is the helmet/ cover authentic?

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Helmet is authentic, cover is repro
    I dont feel like spending 4-700 on a cover

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    The bayonet, shell and flashlight that you were given are the kind of things to always hold on to and however simple they may be mean the most in a collection to the owner.

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    They are some of my favorite items, the only thing I like more are the things from my great grandfather and my father.

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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Hi Ben. I suppose you already know that the 50 cal. cartridge is from the
    'St. Louis Ordnance Plant'. Great USMC items, and so nice that your
    great uncle opened up to you. A true Hero.........!


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    Default Re: Begining WWII USMC Collection

    Thanks a lot Steve sometime I will have to share his stories I wrote them down and need to type them sometime.

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