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British trousers identification

Article about: Hi, please can you tell me some information about these british trousers? The color is khaki and not green how they seems. There is a stamp with arrow and WD and they have brass bottons Than

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    Quote by Watchdog View Post
    I agree, these show no signs of being worn at all. Even a few days wear in the N.Africa heat and sand would have given them a very different look.

    Do you know if the Italian soldier was a POW of the British? That could explain these being in his possessions.


    Thanks, but the trousers are not news, in fact rather used and scratched, I realize that from the photos it looks different and also the color tends to green, but it is not so, the trousers are well lived and scratched. The fact that they were among the uniforms of an Italian officer, could be a war booty. The Italian officer was a pilot.

    If I can, here is the post that an expert collector (like you) wrote some minutes ago for my trousers:

    These are definitely British khaki drill trousers, as stated already. They are British-made, not of Indian/Commonwealth manufacture. The W/|\D stamp has already been noted, the '9' size stamps are common enough in this kind of clothing and there is the outline thread of the original label sewn on the rear waist.

    It looks as if the field dressing pocket on the front has a pleat (like the battledress pattern) which has been flattened out through wear or storage. The brass buttons could easily have been replaced but they look original enough to these trousers.

    From the style I would say these are early-war, from around 1940-2, but it is hard to be exact. I have a mint, unissued pair like these dated 1943, still with the original brass buttons - long after they had changed to plastic on the serge batttledress.

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    These are other images of the jacket: My wife is a nurse and she says that those spots are blood...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture British trousers identification   British trousers identification  

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    I just popped onto the forum for the first time in ages and noticed this thread - I commented on these items over on the WAF already. These are definitely khaki drill, not work clothes or denim fatigues. The inside of the denim battledress is a dead giveaway - the inner fabric is of a whiter colour and has cloth tabs inside the waist for attaching braces. These trousers do not. I suspect the greener colour in the first images is causing some confusion - the real shade is shown in the final picture of the trousers. Check out 'Khaki Drill and Jungle Green' to see other examples.

    I have to disagree about the state of the trousers - they do not look unissued, just lightly worn. I have several items of named khaki drill and aertex clothing that were brought back by their owners from Africa, India or Asia. They show a lot of wear, plenty of washing but some even have the original sweat marks and have not been washed since! However, all of them still have strong material, stitching and original buttons. These clothes were made to last.

    If these trousers and the bush shirt were captured in North Africa then that partly explains how they survived in such good condition all these years.


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    Thanks for your opinion tubist73, can you say me something about its value?
    Thanks in advanced

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    Why ruin an interesting thread with the money question?

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    "My wife is a nurse and she says that those spots are blood..."

    Well that should increase the price value overall .
    Have you DNA tested it ?

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    Anderson: Sorry, but if I ask this, obviously I have my reasons ... it is evident that each of us knows his own reasons, for this I do not want to appear a speculator.
    But it would be hypocritical to believe that commercial evaluations do not exist in our common passion.
    I would ask you if someone had offered me an exchange, and I have no idea of their listing, who else could I ask for? in a cooking forum?

    Rick W. : if you'd like to be funny on such topics, go ahead. I honestly don't understand this irony ...


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