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Bunch of Merchant Marine stuff

Article about: So, were Merchant Mariners given weapons? How did they defend themselves? I recall reading somewhere that their ships were crewed by the mariners, but defended by armed Navy personnel. As I

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    Hi guys,

    My great-grandfather was a merchant mariner during WWII and I have always wanted a uniform to display with his wartime portrait as kind of a tribute. I finally found one, and despite knowing next to nothing about this stuff I jumped on this whole set in auction. I would really appreciate some info on what I just bought!

    First up is this jacket:

    - - Updated - -

    Next we have this uniform set for, I think, a commander:

    (Can anyone identify the ribbons?)

    - - Updated - -

    Lastly, I bought this cap:

    Thanks for your help guys!
    My Grandfather: Captain Ottar Marius Andersen, was the Master of the SS Fort lee. I still have his Captains jacket--and his Ribbons and Mariners Medal. Ill see if I can get some of the stuff I have posted here? The only scan I have showing some of his stuff-will be posted upside down since i dont know how to correct that.

    Through the excellent link posted, I found that a total of 25 men were killed on the SS Fort Lee on: Nov 2nd 1944. Some were crew--some were armed guard. I didnt know before--that his ship was the first November 44 loss.

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    Are your great- grandfather from Norway ? (Ottar Marius Andersen )

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    Is this awesome set named? U can research him. I have a merchant marine officers uniform as well.

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    It's named to 'Jones'. lol


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    Let me go check Will let u know what I find

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