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Canadian Battle Dress Blouse

Article about: Hi everyone, I ask your help for correctly identify this Battle Dress Blouse, mint condition, I found it in a vintage clothing store. I think it's a Canadian Pattern and seems good to me, bu

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    Great thread with a great looking BD Roberto.and with the story behind them Dean!
    We wish you and yours a wonderful New Year!

    Semper Fi
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    Nice bd indeed. The jacket is not a pre 1944 pattern.. the early battledress has hooks in the collar and from about late 1943 flaps and buttons like yours.

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    The Hooks in the collar, for Canadian BDs started with the 37 pattern and carried on until we issued the Canadian 44 pattern

    Also, it is the proper conduct for a new member to indroduce him or her self on that thread, before jumping into a on going thread

    Dean O

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    Hi Roberto, a nice Canadian pre-44 pattern BD as you have been informed. I used to have one of these that had the collar "tailored" and was badged up to an officer in the Devonshire Home Guard! Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Thanks Guys,
    nice information with many details and differences between the models that I not even imagined!


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    Nice big size. Very sought after by re-enactors. You should be able to triple your money should you decide to sell it.

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    Just to clear this up a bit, your BD is Dated 45, so the company that made this was still going by the earlier Pattern, or it was modified, but someone that did not want to wear a Zombie suit, this was not uncommon, also many of the 37 Pattern Bds were also tailored, many were for a better fit, as well many Officers and NCOs had modification made to their BDs.

    This sort of falls under under, "tell me they didn't wear it"..Many Canadian Had their "field BD" as well as a "walking out one", these were worn with the common belt with the buckles on the back removed.

    This has been a problem with Canadian and other War Time BDs, for the better part, Canadians were a little bit less strict about modifcations for walking out BDs...and again this causes many believe that each issued was written in stone, and if there veriations, it "can't be right"

    That's a pile of crap!!!

    Just trying to clear up some of the many veriations of the BDs, including the different material in the cuffs and pockets.

    Dean O

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    Hi Dean,
    you have been very clear and precise about every detail; I also very much appreciated your contribution in the explanation of the habits and personal variations of Canadian soldiers.


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    Thank you old steel!!! And you have a great find..can you tell me the maker of this BD

    We Canadians, went to war with very little war industry ( in both would wars).
    On another thread I showed 4 entrenching tool covers, made by ZL&T..I had between 200-300 at one time, the ones in the wooden box were mint, the ones in the cardboard box had gotten damp....some have bear steel buckles, some buckles were painted different colours, some had a mixture of brass and steel buckles and strap ends.... we used what ever we had to complete items we were making for the Canadian Army.
    So on many Canadian items we have differences.
    At the begging of WW2 Canada had only 12 Bren Guns, but in a year Ingles was making them by the 1000s.

    I am vey happy you like my info of this sort of thing...many ask questions on this forum, get the answers, but never say Thank you...and that is just not polite.

    If you have other question about Canadian Equipment, let me know, I am here to both help others, and learn myself as no one can know it all

    Dean O

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    Dean, the maker of this BD is:

    Master Craft Uniform Co. Reg'd.

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