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Canadian Battledress

Article about: Can anyone tell me how many different styles of WWII Canadian Battledress there are? I have seen a couple of different collar configurations and am confused as to what is proper. Thanks

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    Default Canadian Battledress

    Can anyone tell me how many different styles of WWII Canadian Battledress there are? I have seen a couple of different collar configurations and am confused as to what is proper.

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    The Canadian uniform for WW2 is based on the 1937 British uniform. You may have better luck looking up that pattern for collar types. The biggest difference between Canadian and British BD is the colour. More green is Canadian, khaki, British.
    Very early in the war some WW1 uniforms were used. I doubt any Canadian unit went into battle in them, but we had them becasue we were ill equipped when it started.
    1949 it changed to an open collar, bigger lapels to allow for a tie. This was worn through Korea, and into the 1970's.
    As far as manufacturers of BD go...I wouldn't mind a list myself.

    was that any help..?

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    Thanks for the help. I have a version of the open collar-wide lapel that is C-broad-arrow stamped as well as 1943 dated. It looks like the Staff Sergeant's "Walking Out" Blouse, Canada, circa 1945 on the Provost website you gave me. There doesn't appear to be any good reference books on the subject of modifications etc.

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    Well...modifications of uniforms was pretty well up to the individuals and their tailors I think.

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    The Canadians were well known to alter their uniforms for 'walking out' and for 'in the field' (unlike to the British Army where it was not as common). I have seen a variety of collars for 'walking out' blouses which were obviously individually tailored. The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion were known to cut up their parachute oversmocks to make extra pockets on their BD trousers and Denison Smocks.
    Also bare in mind that Canadian BD were issued to British troops (who favoured them for their better quality) and the collars were again altered for officers.
    I have a near mint 1943 Canadian BD that has the original collar, however, the epulettes have been expertly removed. So in essence, when it comes to Canadians, WW2 and collars it appears anything goes! (I'll try and post a picture of my unaltered collar later)

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    Some pictures of my Canadian BD with unaltered collar (Sorry they're only close ups but it is on a mannequin and I was to lazy to take everything off)

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    The hook style is the most popular style as it was regular issue. I have an open style lapel jacket and have just acquired another. They are both wartime dated and marked. I wonder if they are wartime alterations of "coming home" alterations. Thanks for your photos Grimebox, I always enjoy seeing other peoples collections.

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    Aside from the beautifully tailored versions that are now often seen for sale: I've only seen a couple of official WW2 versions, the double hook and eye illustrated in Grimebox' great pics and the slightly rarer tab and button version which is a later war version (I'm lead to believe). Post war (Korea) the open collar version takes over (and was used in the BBC 60th Anniversary of DDay TV Show for both the 9 Para and KSLI)



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    Here is a photo of my 1943 dated bd with the button and tab closure. The change from the hook & eye to the button and tab apparently occurred in 1943. My bd was manufactured in Montreal, I cannot make out the manufacturer clearly.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Canadian Battledress   Canadian Battledress  

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