well....ive recieved the jacket and went through it. In the pocket i found a Expert marksman badge w/ broken pinback. That explains why the Basic marksman rifle badge has the expert automatic rifle bar attatched to it too. So i took the expert auto rifle bar off and placed it back onto the expert marksman badge. Now i need to fix the pinback. lol Anway, After reading the back of the personal photos that came with the jacket....its said that he was in Hawaii for 2 years from 1940-1942 and survived the pearl harbor attack. The death obituary brochure that came w/ it said he served for 4 years total. The ribbons w/ 1 combat star on the LT's jacket signify all American service. But the description that was given to me when i bought the jacket also said he served in both pacific and european theatres.......which is tough to believe since there are no ribbons showing that. It has his Officers Army Corp Engineers lapel clutch back pins(matching pair) and silver leiutenant bars. It also has his name and service number inside the jacket. Overall i am pleased with the purchase seeing as it was only $28. This is my first Ike jacket, as I usually do not buy anything U.S.......but i am going to start that side of my collection now i guess. I wish i could find more info on his service. Thanks for letting me share.