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Help with Raaf Uniforms

Article about: after researching online for a few hours 2 of the badges in the photo are Victorian Battlions badges from ww2 the 7th and 8th and 2 are Queen Victoria Jubilee medallions from 1887 and 1908 a

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    is there a summer uniform raf/raaf hat?

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    Quote by michael77 View Post
    is there a summer uniform raf/raaf hat?
    I think I post some here
    Khaki side caps- only South Africa issued them to my knowledge

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    If you are local PM me

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    Default pot plant

    Was walking past a local ophop (charity shop) saw this pot plant in the front window.

    i was going to explain what it was but ended up buying it.

    very hard to read but MK111
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

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    Nice start of a collection Michael. I started collecting RCAF years ago with a single officers tunic. I've since collected any item related to the RCAF, badges, photos, sweet heart pins, personal items such as money belts and even embroidered hankies. It all ties together for a nice display.

    May I recommend you look into the Air Diggers web site; Latest Developments. Once there, go to the RAF Collector's Forum. It's run by Chris Kanka, a collector/dealer of RAF uniforms who is very knowledgeable on many aspects of the flying units of the Britich Commonwealth, including Australia. There are others who collect RAAF on his form so you may be able to obtain assistance there as well as here.

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    In regard to the photos, photo 1. top buttons are from the 60s-70s, bottom from the 50s. Photo 3 is mainly WW2 airman's cap badges 9also worn on the hat fur felt in Vietnam) with a steel one that is non voided on the lower right, the G brevets would be from the 50s bottom and 60s top, as both have different crowns, the WOFF cap bade would be from the 50s to the 70s. Photo 4 is unissued ID discs and a post 53 FLTSGT crown. Photo 7 are WOFF epaulet slides with RAAF & eagle from the 50s + 60s, look like collar studs at top left, the plain RAAF slides were worn by ranks of the same era, also a drab FLTSGT crown pre 53.. The black plastic buttons were worn during WW2 and up to the 70s on some dresses.

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