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Help with Raaf Uniforms

Article about: after researching online for a few hours 2 of the badges in the photo are Victorian Battlions badges from ww2 the 7th and 8th and 2 are Queen Victoria Jubilee medallions from 1887 and 1908 a

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    Red face Help with Raaf Uniforms

    Have just started collecting WW2 Raaf Uniforms
    My grandfather served all up 18 Years in The Raaf Airgunner Wireless Operator.
    Sadly his uniforms where given away when i was quite young.

    I have managed to get 3 fantastic Tunics

    I now need help getting more im not a fan of ebay but cant seem too find any others.

    I also have a question about the smallest unmarked uniform would cadets wear the same type of tunics? Im guessing maybe a WAAF tunic? please excuse crap photos still learning
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

    Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

    Help with Raaf Uniforms  

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    also i meant to add im in Victoria Australia so local Militaria dealers in Victoria. Also when i get a better camera ill take photos of the different ranker stripes on the uniforms as they seem quite different

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    The first thing to do is to decide on what you want to collect, you state uniforms but is that going to encompass badges and medals, are the uniforms going to be dress or flying, if flying are you going to get the leather flying jacket, the helmet, the parachute, escape kit and personal items. Are you going to put the uniforms on mannequins, do you need approipated dated items as a back drop! I do not in anyway want to put you off collecting, it is great hobby (actually it is my sad life, work, wife and kids just get in the way!). I have a serious disease which means I collect anything WW2 and I mean anything no matter how crappy as long as the price is right. I admire anybody who has the will power to collect one particular area. I just can't do it, many people have said to me why don't you sell this to buy that but I can't bring myself to do it! If you do decide to stick to one area (whether that's uniforms or anything related to RAAF) then stick to your guns. Every month I see a battledress blouse or trousers to finish off a mannaquin for £100 and think 'that'll be nice' but instead end up buying 5 different smaller items for £120!!!
    Don't totally dismiss Ebay. I know a lot of collectors don't get on with it due to the large number of fakes and 'misleading' listings, however, if you know what you are looking for and ask questions you can get some great items. What you need to remember is that Ebay is a giant car boot sale so for every unscruplious seller there is going to be somebody who doesn't know what they have got. Knowledge is power - so read up and look at lots of pictures so that you're in a better position when you take the odd gamble!
    Militaria dealers are always going to charge more as they have to make a living and know what they have got, however, in return you know what you are getting, but always remember - they have bought that item from somewhere and will have paid a LOT less!
    You are in the lucky position of being in the country where the items you are collecting orginate from! search car boot sales, jumble sales and junk shops (or the Aussie equivalant). Other places to check are local auction houses (many are online) and vintage clothing shops - and my best advice is to ask people, start with relatives and then ask them to ask people they know. Before long you'll be known as that sad man with no friends and an unhealthy interest in militaria but with an amazing collection. You'll be amazed at how many people have items that they have no interest in and are willing to give away or sell (It is difficult coming out, but that is why there are forums like this for help and support - just look in the mirror every day and say 'I am a good person').
    Remember the feeling of missing out on an item is only just beaten by the feeling of paying to much for an item that you didn't really want or paid to much for.
    Most of all have fun, when you are not looking for things to buy research the history of the items you have. You don't have to go overboard but every item has a story, not only the person who owned it but things like the design of a jacket having to change because a lack of material, the location of the factory of where the uniform was produced, how the item was made, etc, it brings the items to life (you will get use to the glazed over look of dis-interest from friends and family when you are explaining things to them!)

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    gday, i agree dont completely discount ebay iv seen raaf tunics on there occasionally. a lot of dealers also sell on ebay, good luck with your search

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    thanks fellas ill keep looking at ebay im focusing on dress tunics with a bit of history attached thanks again on the feedback any raaf experts out there to answer some questions?

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    I don't know what your finances are like (or what the postage would be!) but these two sites are good to keep an eye on if only for reference:

    Bombphoons Vintage Aviation

    The Historic Flying Clothing Company

    In relation to the tunics most are of a similar cut for cadets, WAAF's, aircrew, etc. Remember people were a lot smaller during the war (an advantage in some of the aircraft of the time) so it could be for a serviceman. If it was for a WAAF I think that the waist should be narrower and the buttons should be on the left hand side, however, somebody else maybe able to confirm that.

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    both fantastic sites but no raaf items for sale.

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    Unmarked is definitely normal for male OR smaller men are better suited as air crew. I've several jackets, trousers, shirts and caps officer and other ranks in my lot, my wife gave this for my B'day today!
    Check here periodically IS Wright : Catalog

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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    these items were cut of the uniforms apparently before they were given away amongst them 2 Airgunner badges the rest a assortment of buttons and hat badges unsure of what they are exactly.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

    Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

    Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

    Help with Raaf Uniforms   Help with Raaf Uniforms  

    Help with Raaf Uniforms  
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    Default Re: Help with Raaf Uniforms

    thanks for the link and happy birthday

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