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Highland light infantry / Glasgow Highlanders coat and kilt age ???

Article about: Hi all I got this service doublet/jacket and kilt.The person I got it off said that it was Glasgow Highlanders and ww2 era . I was just wondering what peoples opinions are . thanks matty

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    Hi Matty,

    I have a KD to a Scots Guards officer and that came with GS buttons which the dealer had replaced along with the rank stars and it was missing its other badges, which I replaced with those most likely to have been on it. The stripping of buttons and other badges was commonly done and is a particular problem with KD as they are not sewn in place as they were on rings or pins to aid removal for washing. In fact all 3 KD's I own had been stripped, though luckily two are named or are part of a named group so they were obvious as to which unit they belonged and the Scots Guards KD has a regimental cut to it in particular with regards to the spacing of the buttons which again made it easy to identify its original unit. Your KD could belong to any Scottish unit from the period that wore the kilt, so harder to be certain as to which unit it originally belonged, still a very nice Scottish cut KD IMHO
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Highland light infantry / Glasgow Highlanders coat and kilt age ???   Highland light infantry / Glasgow Highlanders coat and kilt age ???  

    Highland light infantry / Glasgow Highlanders coat and kilt age ???  


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Your probably right jerry Sad how it rare to find a uniform in unspoilt condition The next problem is is the kilt original to the KD ? love the pictures of your KD's by the way I especially liker the scots guards one love the button arrangement strange but looks good . I'v just registered with a Scottish kilt forum they might be able to tell me what regiment this kilt came from and maybe an idea of it's age . At least then I'll know what regiment the KD should belong too then I can work on getting what I need to try to finish it off. I'd like to get it right before I go lashing out pieces I think might work . This Scottish attire hurts the wallet and I'v apparently been getting it at reasonable prices. When I bought this of this guy he did mention they came together So I can only assume that to be the case. I'll just find the regiment that matches the kilt I suppose and go from there . thanks again jerry

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    Hi Matty,

    all the guards regiments have the buttons set out in a regimental pattern with the Scots having two pairs of 3 buttons, the others as below.

    Units of the Foot Guards

    Grenadier Guards (White plumes on left of bearskin; grenade badge on collar; evenly-spaced tunic buttons)

    Coldstream Guards (Red plumes on right of bearskin; Garter star badge on collar; paired tunic buttons)

    Scots Guards (No plumes; thistle badge on collar; tunic buttons in threes)

    Irish Guards (Blue plumes on right of bearskin; shamrock badge on collar; tunic buttons in fours)

    Welsh Guards (White-green-white plumes on left of bearskin; leek badge on collar; tunic buttons in fives)
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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    This could indeed be a wartime Glasgow Highlanders Kilt but I do not know if the GH used the parent HLI shoulder titles instead of their own GH ones. I know that most other territorial btns used their own, for instance the London Scottish used London Scottish ones instead of Gordon Highlanders ones, which is makeing me think it could be a post war Officer's HLI uniform.

    If that makes ANY sense.

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    I agree with you poland but like we have been discussing maybe the doublet does not go with the kilt or maybe the the buttons and other insignia have been replaced by someone previous to the guy I bought it off . I'm trying to work out the age of this kilt. which might not happen.If I can work out the pattern and which regiment it belonged to I'll just get replacement buttons badges and insignia for it. Thanks for your help poland .

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    Your jacket was made in india - see when the HLI were based there and you'll have a good answer for the approximate era. Just because 2 things came together it doesn't mean they belong together or were always together. the 71st HLI were in India in 1936 until the Raj fell, but they were not kilted in India IIRC.

    Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment) | Famous Units | Research | National Army Museum, London

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    thanks for the link asterperious so you think the SD is PRE ww2 or early ww2 ? I agree with the two things came together don't mean they were always together for sure . but what about the GS buttons do you think they are original to the SD or replacement ? Do you have any links to pictures for examples to compare or links to pages ? I only ask because I can't find and good detailed pic's of these SD's and would like to see one in original condition (not messed with ) for comparison.Thanks for the info mate.

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    Well anytime between 1935-48 really, no way to be sure without a date on the label. As Jerry has already mentioned the insignia was easily removed for laundering, I would not get too hung up on the collectors 'myth/fantasy' about unmessed with. These things are 'messed with' in use all the time. Over time it probably had several sets of buttons, pips etc. Any good soldiers 'housewife' kit has plenty of spares for good reason. Try the online collections search function at the Imperial War Museum for tropical doublets or something like that, or 'HLI India' You'd need a time machine to see one in 'original' condition.

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    thanks again mate much appreciated

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