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Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.

Article about: Hello to all, I recently found this Ike Jacket of 2th US Armored Div. with all the decorations and attributes: Collar Disk Ordnance Corp Honorable Discharge Emblem (Ruptured Duck) Patch 2th

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    Default Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.

    Hello to all,
    recently I found this Ike Jacket of 2nd US Armored Div., 1944 dated, with all the decorations and attributes:

    Collar Disk Ordnance Corp
    Honorable Discharge Emblem (Ruptured Duck)
    Patch 2nd Armored
    Presidential Unit Citation (Badge+Patch)
    Good Conduct Ribbon
    ETO Ribbon (Six Campaign Stars)
    Shoulder Cord for two Belgian Citation
    Shoulder Cord for two French Citation
    Six Overseas Service Stripes (for 3 Year of War)

    I share with you this interesting piece, It belonged to a veteran of this prestigious Unit US Army who distinguished himself in many important operations of ETO, and I would like to know your opinions.


    Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.Ike Jacket 2nd US Armored Div.
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    It has all of the right bells and whistles buddy.
    Very nice find of a tough combat Armored Unit that seen lots of action.

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    Nice jacket that belonged to a soldier that saw alot, 6 campaign stars says it all!

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    Really nice find!

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    That is a guy who has been there and done that!!!
    Fantastic Ike jacket. But I'm surprised with all that service and time spent overseas that he is a Private.
    Semper Fi

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    Hi all

    This doesn't give me warm fuzzies.

    3 years overseas service , 6 campaign stars and a PUC and didn't make it to PFC/Technician rank or any rank for that matter.

    European-African-Middle East campaign and Army Good conduct ribbon after 3 years service? He should have National Defense and Army of Occupation amongst others.

    No single 3 year Federal Service stripe?

    No 17th Armored Engineers Bn Distinctive Unit Insignia?

    The Hell on Wheels tab is a post WWII c 46 so the individual would of been decked out like a xmas tree on his way home.

    I believe you have a put together unless you have provenance.


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    I think the good conduct medal was awarded for three years service and for one years service during war time, on this link is my uniform to a named vet of the italian campaign : US WW2 signal corps uniform I dont think the victory medal ribbon should have a star on as in my example but i think i read somewhere vets would add them to show they were earned in combat but as his ETO ribbon has two stars he need not have added one !,
    regards, John.

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    Hi, Phill
    thank you very much for your intervention because you have touched on many sensitive issues, that deserve proper attention.
    For the origin: I can tell that it was recovered in a known town of Tuscany, where they arrived rags and cloths from around the world, to be recycled by local textile companies for their productions, it was a lot coming from USA, what that happened before I can not know.
    For ribbon: I do not know if originally there were others lost.
    But one thing I'm sure: the six service stripes and divisional patch+tab done this way, I have seen the many times on WW2 Ike of other collections or publications.
    I appreciate your remarks and that of other friends, because they give me important insights to be deepened.
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    Hi Roberto

    Uniforms are really hard to judge and its an area where those that collect them are very pedantic even to the point of seeing how the insignia is sewn as an example note the Hell on Wheels tab is not aligned properly , its not centered. Now some might think that's nit picking but at the end of the war , soldiers had time on their hands , labor was cheap and their class A Ikes meant a lot to soldiers going home and would be emblazoned with theatre made as well as US made insignia professionally sewn . They had pride in their uniform.

    Even the stitching around the patches look off , note some other threads ie "3rd and 6th Armored Division Ike jacket" look how clean and professional the stitching is and in some cases you can't see the stitching.

    One thing you can do is check for "ghosting" ie if there are pin holes or bits of stitching where rank ,either enlisted or officer or patch on right hand side or any indication of once worn insignia on uniform , check the inside as well.
    By the way almost all Armored tabs are regarded as post war ie wars end to occupation period and into early 50's as opposed to pre may 1945. Note I said "almost all" because there could be some but you would have to have provenance , basically a hand written statement from the vet and even then he wouldn't remember if it was June 45 of June 46.

    Remember you can always add to a uniform and that makes it harder for the collector.


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