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Interesting RAF Uniform Otto Walter Neumark Finnish winter War Volunteer

Article about: Here we have a uniform from my collection that was worn by Otto Walter Neumark who was born in Brno in 1921 and was a Volunteer who went to Finland to help fight in the Winter War ,All I can

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    Thank you to all , its been a interesting trip researching Otto

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    Quote by Richie B View Post
    Yes, thanks. I knew about the family stuff - has also been updated but haven't shown it on their website yet. I didn't know about the London Gazette though. I can feel an OW family history diversion coming on, not my original intention but hey, why not? I will follow another suggestion and contact the RAF Museum in Hendon to see if they know anything. And speak to his sister.

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    Thank you Jim any info i can put with the uniform is welcome and adds to its history and the history of this remarkable man

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    I saw this thread I was wondering if this is the same person that lived accross the road from me in Stockport when I grew up from 1973 to about 2000. I knew him as Walter Neumark, and his wife ariana. They both spoke with foreign accents - my parents know more about them than I do. Walter had a great deal to do with parachutes/ canopies/ inventing stuff like that, and I often went to fly these massive wings on the field nearby with him. There were frequent visits made by unusual people in military style vehicles. I believe his wife was at some point smuggled out of some country or other in a car boot.
    Walter is also creditted with the concept of paragliding/ 'ascending parachutes' - which are the things he took me out to fly (looking back on it, it was madness, the things were enormous and easily lifted multiple people off the floor hanging onto the end of a rope).
    Sounds like it could well be the same person to me. Sadly they are both deceased now. Let me know if you want any more info.

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    Having looked at the 'family' link above - it is definitely the same chap and I knew him quite well, and the lady who lived with him - who I always assumed was his wife, and I knew by the name of Arian. My parents know more about them.

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    Thank you Trawler more good info looks like he was a interesting man in his time

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    He certainly was. A superb chap. I've probably got some photo's of him knocking about somewhere. I remember seeing a brilliant old photo of him in uniform, on some army camp or other, walking on an enormous pair of stilts made from bamboo!
    His old house is just about to go on the market. (2 churwell ave, sk43qe).

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    Thank you Trawler if you have a photo it would be great if you could e mail me a copy as it would be nice to put a face to the uniform

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