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Local Find Ike Jacket

Article about: A few months back I found this really cool Ike jacket at a local antique store. The lady selling it told me that she picked it up from a local estate sale, and had no other information behin

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    Fantastic Smitty !! What a forum this would be (not saying anything negative about WRF) if more members went this far to help out.
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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    You could also shorten your odds by starting to search the results based upon those who resided in Texas?

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    Quote by Rakkasan187 View Post

    Greetings to you today.. Okay, so here it is: I found 90 possibilities on your uniform based on the laundry number info..

    Search Results - Page 1 | WWII US Army Enlistment Records

    Here is a link to the list of names that have 3804 as the last four numbers and the initial "M". This is where it could be very time consuming but also it could prove a possible match.. There are a few names you can eliminate from the search,, Since this uniform shows service during WW2 you can probably bypass enlistment dates of 1945, but don't dismiss them completely, focus on them last..

    Now what is the easiest way to start your search: Well, there isn't one that I know of, other than taking the name of the Soldier,,, putting it into the google search engine and hitting enter.. Now there are a few other things you can do like putting quotation marks (") before and after the name and then select enter, and also some other things to narrow t he search like the name of the Soldier, Bronze Star Medal, Korea... or WW2 Service, Pacific.. ect.. You will have to play around with different ideas.. Also see if anything comes up through obituaries.. This could possibly be easier for you if you have or which may be quickest, otherwise be prepared for a lengthy but possible research project..

    The other option which of course will be very time consuming and not practical would be requesting the 90 records (one a time of course through the National Archives) (NARA)... I would save this as a last ditch attempt..

    Another thing you could do is go back to where this was purchased and see if the woman would provide the information as to where the Estate sale was.. I know you mentioned she didn't have any other information but where the Estate Sale was will be a good starting point..

    Let me know if I can further help you and I am sure that some of our other members here who do research will also give you some other suggestions I had not though of..

    By the way, the link is to a website that has a few methods of locating soldiers through Army Serial numbers and laundry numbers..

    Home | WWII US Army Enlistment Records

    Just so you know how to navigate the site,, Where it says SEARCH RECORDS under that type in M-3804, then under the drop down where surname is: Select: LAUNDRY NUMBER and hit search... and you should see the 90 names if the link above this one does not work..

    OK Good luck and let me know if you need help...

    Im in shock over this information!

    After I looked over this jacket for the first time, I doubted I would ever find any info behind the man who wore it. It looks like I may have a slight chance now! Smitty, I cant thank you enough for helping me with this. I have a closet full of U.S. uniforms, and with the extremely helpful link you so kindly provided I may have a chance to research those as well. I also have a small collection of U.S. WW2 era dog tags. Im sure that site could help me with researching those as well.

    This weekend I think I might take a trip back to the antique shop I bought this jacket from. Ill bring the jacket with me just in case she may have forgotten.

    I Just got home from work, and I have the rest of the day to browse the 90 possible results that could be this soldier. Thanks again for the tremendous help! Never once have I regretted joining the WRF. Its people like you who give this place a good name.

    Best regards- Jarret

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    Quote by BlackCat1982 View Post
    You could also shorten your odds by starting to search the results based upon those who resided in Texas?
    That's a good idea! Since I don't know the specifics of the man it belonged to, he may have been from out of state. But I'm sure since it was found here its highly likely the man was a local Texan.

    Best regards- Jarret

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    BlackCat1982 brought up a great point.. Never dawned on me to check first with Texas connections..

    I hope you will be able to get some answers..

    Again if you need me to help you, don't hesitate to reach out.. After all I'm in far West Texas,, El Paso...


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    After narrowing my search to only men from Texas, I am left with seven results. Of the seven results I found, only two enlisted prior to 1945. One of these two men enlisted in a county that is very close to where I bought the jacket. His name is Calvin Miller Jr, and It says this man is an African American. Its a very vague possibility, but it could be the man behind the jacket!

    Best regards- Jarret

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