Good evening gents,

Not being a uniform collectot per se I have embarked on a project of re-creation with which I need some expert advice.

The uniform I am trying to re-create is the KD operational dress of an NCO of The Lancashire Regt (PWV) during the Aden Emergency of 1967. I think I have my plan pretty much worked out but need a few questions answered as the available pictures seem fairly limited and don't quite provide the answers;

1. Am I correct that most troops wore WWII KD and in most cases rather than a shirt used the KD bush jacket tucked into the trousers like a shirt?

2. Was the yellow diamond behind the cap badge of The Lancashires sewn to the beret or just held in by the cap badge? (I believe the latter is the case). The cap badge of course would be the staybright Lancastrian Brigade (shortlived in itself)

3. The shoulder title Lancashire (PWV) appears to have been worn on a slipover of a different colour to the KD rather than fixed directly to the epaulette. Can anyone confirm the colour? I suspect dark green.

4. Was the WWII respirator haversack used or the early '58 patt (which didn't have a belt loop).

Any advice would be much appreciated and if I manage to finish the project satisfactorily I promise to post appropriate pics.

For info;

This as you might guess is for re-enactment purposes and I chose this subject because;

a. It isn't just a representation of my own former units (that's too easy).
b. Aden is a fairly under portrayed campaign.
c. The Lancashires only existed for about 10 years (Previously E. Lancs + S. Lancs and subsequently ammalgamated with The Loyal Regt to form QLR).
d. Were I 10 years older I may well have been a member.
e. In Aden they were mostly 18 year old lads and won more gallantry awards than any other unit.
f. Oh yeah, even some collectors have never heard of them

Thanks in advance