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New Zealand Captain BD Blouse

Article about: Morning everyone, recently I managed to get this Battledress Blouse, New Zealand made, dated 1941; it was part of a lot that belonged to the British Army Captain “Ronald Stanley Edlin” of th

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    Great jacket Roberto!

    The OP jacket shows the wool traits/buttons of being NZ made, that is a 3 in the center (noted by Anderson). Canadian jackets have these metal type buttons and have a much softer wool blend than other countries (going by examples in my collection)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture New Zealand Captain BD Blouse   New Zealand Captain BD Blouse  

    New Zealand Captain BD Blouse   New Zealand Captain BD Blouse  

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    Also take note of the waist buckle
    1st Canadian, 2nd New Zealand
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture New Zealand Captain BD Blouse   New Zealand Captain BD Blouse  

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    I haven't ever heard of the "Kelly" company, but the circular maker stamp is typical of the New Zealand manufacturers. NZ BD blouses also are distinctive with the contrasting beige thread that stands out against the fabric, nicely illustrated in Rene's pictures above. As a general comment, there was an supply association between Canada and NZ, and at times Canada supplied NZ forces steel helmets, Pattern 37 webbing, No4 rifles. So BD uniforms are possible, but I haven't been aware of it before.

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    Morning everyone,
    looking at the beautiful examples posted by Renč, another important point that came to my mind, is the type of fabric used, it seemed interesting to compare some examples to highlight the differences.
    from left to right:

    -New Zealand
    -British (P40 austerity pattern)
    -Canadian, maker "S. & G. Clothing Co. Ltd"
    -Canadian, maker "Master Craft Uniform Co. Reg'd"
    It is interesting to note that there are important color differences even among the Canadian examples of S. & G. vs Master Craft.


    New Zealand Captain BD BlouseNew Zealand Captain BD Blouse

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    Silly me, the CN is the size-3

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    No worries PDavies. We now need to work out who the "Kelly" manufacturer was, it's a new one on me.

    New Zealand Captain BD Blouse

    Maybe he was wearing a "Kelly".

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    Default add info

    True Anderson!
    Or it was worn by this soldier deployed on the Cassino front, in this beautiful photo I found on the internet to stay on the subject; the brass button for closing the collar identifies it as the same model as my example.
    However this story of the "Kelly" maker, begins to intrigue me ...... I will continue the research.


    New Zealand Captain BD Blouse
    by this site:
    World War II Pictures In Details: New Zealand Soldiers Drinks Tea in Cassino

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    I'd say there's a good chance the brass button came from a housewife kit.

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    That's a good photo at Cassino Oldsteel. The Kiwis always had an enthusiasm for the cold steel. Note the soldier in the doorway has two bayonets. I recall reading comments by a German FJ veteran that the one sight that unnerved them was a bayonet charge from the enemy.

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