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old jungle jacket

Article about: this is an older one of mine

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    Default old jungle jacket

    this is an older one of mine
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture old jungle jacket   old jungle jacket  

    old jungle jacket   old jungle jacket  

    old jungle jacket  

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    That's got to be before 1965 as it does not have a NATO stock Number

    Dean O

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    The US only adopted NSN numbers on 30th September 1974 (at least according to Wikipedia), and the original contract number, DSA-100-67-C-3215, would indicate it's a 1967 contract (so probably manufactured in 1968).

    A 1967 contact is also consistent with OD107 cotton poplin, as that was subsequently replaced with cotton ripstop fabric from 1969 onwards.

    I would say there are a couple of inconsistencies with the insignia; I've usually seen USMC jungle jackets stencilled with the Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC logo and "USMC" (or just the EGA), rather than just "USMC", and the placement of the name tapes is 1969 onwards style (up to '69 they would be placed horizontal to the ground), but both of these can be easily explained away as the stencil was a field mod, and therefore up to the individual how it was completed (if at all), and the jacket could have been issued post '68, so nothing really to worry about.



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    Nice looking jacket. I have one of these with
    no insignia or tape.........


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