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Opinions Wanted

Article about: Looking for your thoughts on this British Mess Dress jacket. Thinking Royal Artillery, wondering about age?

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    Default Opinions Wanted

    Looking for your thoughts on this British Mess Dress jacket. Thinking Royal Artillery, wondering about age?

    Opinions WantedOpinions Wanted

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    I'm thinking a guards mess dress, possibly grenadier guards, but the "flaming grenades" on the collar may have been changed?

    British Empire: British Infantry: The Grenadier Guards
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Opinions Wanted  
    "Per Ardua"

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    Looks a good match to me.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I agree, looks spot on. Any guesses as far as age, based on the lapel's insignia?

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    Is there a talior label in the pocket or what crown are on the buttons on the waist coat Kings or Queens crown ? otherwise its hard to tell how old it is could be anytime 1930s until 1980s

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    Found out from the seller tailor's tag states E. Tautz & Sons, made in 1929 for a Major A. E. Duncanson.

    Other similar jackets I've seen on line have black lapels and cuffs, this jacket has blue. Is any particular regiment known to use this color? Could this be a Mess Dress jacket from the REME regiment?

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    Update. I received the Mess Dress jacket and vest in the mail yesterday and posted photos to a Canadian based military artifact preservation Face Book page. Multiple Canadian Militaria experts, including several who have authored books on the subject agree that this is in fact a Grenadier Guards jacket. It also turns out that Major A. E. Duncanson, named on the jacket's label, was the Commanding Officer of the 10th Royal Grenadiers from 1930 - 1934. At the start of WW II, the 10th RG along with a second regiment became the Royal Regiment of Canada. A nice surprise for me since the red Canadian tunic I recently purchased and posted photos of here, is from the Royal Regiment of Canada. So I actually have a theme starting here:

    RRC Tunic
    Opinions Wanted

    10th RG Mess Dress
    Opinions Wanted

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