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Opinions Wanted

Article about: Rossi Here, I am posting on behalf of our Collecting Semper Fi Brother - AZPHIL tonight as he is having computer issues. He snapped a couple pictures today at a building he is stationed at t

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    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    LMFAO. There are more rolls there than a bakery shelf. But there are those guys up north(Minnesota but im not saying names)(KR) that I know that like'em big to keep them warm at night during those cold winter seasons in the land of ice and snow. Man O Man there would be more jiggling during a visit to pound town than a bowl full of jelly sitting on an washing machine during the spin cycle!!!!!!!!

    Semper Fi Bro
    Cmon....We know that green foilage behind "Puddin" as you called her was not taken in MN as there is snow on the ground here until July Philly Dog...looks like lush Biloxi, Mississippi to me. I think I see a Dogwood Blooming? It puts the lotion in the basket.

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    Oh Brother I see you are using my limited internet access to your advantage. We all know that pic is from your home alone gallery of big and beefy but lonely ladies.LMAO.
    Semper Fi Bro

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